5 Great audio story podcasts for Comic Book fans of all types

Audio Story Podcasts are an absolutely incredible medium to experience unique and wonderful stories based around comic characters you love or entirely new characters you're discovering for the first time. If you love comics you'd be truly missing out if you didn't check out these absolute gems.

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Children along with their Parents look over some new... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Audio Story Podcasts aren't anything new and have been around for a good long while popularized by such absolute legends as Welcome to Nightvale and The Amelia Project which have been around for years.

As time has gone on, the production quality of these sorts of podcasts has raised the bar higher and higher and a lot of people may actually be missing out on some of the finest fiction out there. Me, personally, there's almost never music playing in my car because I'm engrossed with these incredible stories.

One of the coolest things about a lot of these too is that many of these are, essentially, "What If" stories (Elseworlds if you're a DC fan) which means that these stories are not canon to the main storyline of preexisting books and therefor can just absolutely run wild. Characters that are beloved mainstays might die or become someone you don't expect them to be. Because of this, stories belonging to characters you think have become redundant are suddenly like new, reborn in familiar yet jarringly different universes.

So if you need that comic fix by the big two of comics, there are so many new stories waiting for you on Spotify that are absolutely free. Produced by the companies themselves they feature a wealth of high-quality audio, movie-quality foley work, and A-List voice casts. This list alone will feature such notables as Robert Patrick, Dylan Baker, Tracie Thoms, Timothy Busfield, Steven Lang, Sasha Lane, Chris Elliott, heck, and even Susan Sarandon. Here are a couple of great ones to get you started in no particular order.