5 Great audio story podcasts for Comic Book fans of all types

Audio Story Podcasts are an absolutely incredible medium to experience unique and wonderful stories based around comic characters you love or entirely new characters you're discovering for the first time. If you love comics you'd be truly missing out if you didn't check out these absolute gems.
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Children along with their Parents look over some new... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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5. Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Just like you're not going to be surprised when I mention who the first DC podcast I'm going to talk about stars, of COURSE, they made an audio story for Wolverine. And this one is as Wolverine as it gets. Gritty, dark, a wash with secret government organizations, and, before this is Wolverine, a child sidekick for him to watch over.

Taking place in the Bayous of Louisiana, Wolverine (voiced by the talented Richard Armitage) heads to Louisiana to find one of his past lovers whilst on a quest for redemption. But when he arrives he finds out she's been missing. He finds out a LOT of people in that area have gone missing. While investigating, he discovers Marcus Baptiste, a young teenager whose mom has gone missing. The two of them head out to figure out where everyone went.

And, this being Wolverine, nothing is ever simple so Logan's gonna be running into all sorts of opposition on his quest to solve this mystery. From giant robots to Cajun thief guilds (yes, you know who shows up in this) and, of course, bigoted biker gangs. Luckily, Wolverine has his favorite detective tool on hand(s) to help solve their involvement in the disappearance...it's his claws. I'm eluding to the fact that he has long sharp claws that come out of his hand.

As always, Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does, while not very pretty, is incredibly interesting. And if you get done with this one there's another story that comes before this one (though only slightly connected) called The Long Night which is pretty good but not as good as The Lost Trail.