5 Once Upon a Time characters we'd bring back from the dead (and 5 we wouldn't)

From tragic characters like Graham and Prince Henry to the villainous ones like Cora and Pan, here's who deserved better and who should stay gone.

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Once Upon a Time is a show about magic, family, and hope. Though the fantasy series also didn't shy away from portraying darker themes as well. And that includes character deaths. There's some that definitely deserved it and should stay dead, while others did not and it was sad to see them gone.

So who are the characters we'd bring back and who are the ones we wouldn't? Below we shared 5 Once Upon a Time characters who deserved better, and 5 we think shouldn't be brought back if there was a chance of doing so. Read on below to find out who we chose!

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Graham Humbert

BRING BACK: Perhaps one of the most tragic characters on OUAT has to be Graham. In the Enchanted Forest, he was a lone wolf, pun intended, and minding his own business when the Evil Queen recruits him to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. When he goes to do so, he can't go through with it and let's Snow go. Graham goes back to Regina and presents her a stag's heart instead. But unfortunately she finds out he tricked her, and takes his heart instead as punishment. Controlling him from then on, she orders him to her bed chambers. In Storybrooke, she continues to manipulate him while under the Curse. When the Huntsman is able to break free of her orders and starts to remember his old life, she crushes his heart. The whole consent issue here was really problematic, and poor Graham never got justice for what he went through and what happened to him.

Robin Hood

BRING BACK: Another character who didn't deserve to die is definitely Robin. His death wasn't in vain. He jumped in front of Regina to protect her from Hades and sacrificed himself to protect her. They are True Love after all. But he's such a good guy and Outlaw Queen were a great couple together. Robin brought out the best in Regina and was the voice of reason for her. Of course being in a relationship isn't the only thing that can make someone happy. But I think after Regina's redemption arc and losing Daniel, she deserved someone like Robin in her life. They should have ended up together and Robin deserved better too.