5 Once Upon a Time characters we'd bring back from the dead (and 5 we wouldn't)

From tragic characters like Graham and Prince Henry to the villainous ones like Cora and Pan, here's who deserved better and who should stay gone.

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Prince Henry

BRING BACK: While I would not bring back Cora, another tragic character is definitely Prince Henry. This poor guy. For years he had to put up with Cora's selfishness as his wife. And then after her horrible actions of killing Daniel and controlling their daughter, he saw Regina fall into darkness and become the Evil Queen. And still, he stood by his daughter. But in a shocking twist, Regina was so blinded by revenge that she made the ultimate sacrifice - killing her dad to cast the First Curse. Justice for Henry is all I can say. He was a sweet sould who didn't deserve all that happened to him from his wife and daughter. And as Regina started to redeem herself, it would have been nice to have her father around. It is great that they at least reunited in the Underworld, Regina apologized, and he moved on to a better place.

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: This one might surprise some of you, but hear me out. Even though the timeline of Belle growing old doesn't match up with the rest of the characters, we're just going to ignore that part. Perhaps time moves differently in the Edge of Realms where Belle and Rumple build their Up home. Anyway, the couple finds out that the Dark One's powers can be removed after he finds eternal love and when the sun is at its brightest and sets in the Edge of Realms. The sun is metaphorical and is actually Belle. This is when she realizes she needs to die so Rumple can get rid of his dark powers. The two have lived a complete and full life together, and we see that. Belle finally gets the quiet life with her husband and Gideon that she deserved. And Rumple was definitely ready to be rid of his magic and reunite with Belle. He didn't want to live an immortal life without her. Through those years, the two got to live a full life with love, and then were able to be together again in the afterlife. And so I think their story and happy ending came to a good conclusion and they don't need to be brought back.

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