6 Outlander characters we’d bring back from the dead (and 7 we wouldn’t)

From beloved characters like Murtagh to awful ones like Black Jack, here's who we'd want to see again and who should stay gone.

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Outlander Season 2 2016
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Duke of Sandringham

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: One of Black Jack's close associates who backed him up was the Duke of Sandrigham. Always out for his personal gain, this weasel was a bigger headache to our favorite couple more than they, and honestly we, anticipated. I wouldn't have thought he was behind the attackers who approached Claire and Mary in Paris. That was a big shock! He could have helped Jamie so many times, but didn't just for his own gain. It was honestly so satisfying (but also pretty gruesome!) when Murtagh held his head up after chopping it off. Yeah.

Geneva and Isobel Dunsany

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: This may come as a surprise to some of you, but let me explain. I definitely don't have anything against Isobel, and Geneva is a bit of a complicated character to me. She was a young woman who was forced into a marriage to an older man. But she also blackmailed Jamie into sleeping with her. So yeah. But she didn't deserve to die. Though I wouldn't bring these two characters back because that means we wouldn't have the close father-son relationship between Lord John Grey and William. We haven't seen it much onscreen, but it's a great relationship and Jamie has entrusted his son with his dear friend. And he made the right choice. So sorry I'm sorry ladies.

Angus and Rupert MacKenzie

BRING BACK: In remembering the great Highlanders, I definitely miss Angus and Rupert. These two best buds may have started out a bit cold towards Claire, but they provided comic relief in intense times. And their dynamic and friendship was such a great relationship to see onscreen. They too unfortunatley died at the Battle of Culloden, and it was hard to say goodbye to them. Especially with the way Angus died of internal bleeding, and Rupert was executed even though he'd survived the battle. I really miss these two and their personalties, and wish we could have them back.

Murdina Bug

BRING BACK: To be honest I'm kind of indifferent about the Bugs. I don't really care about them. However now in the first half of Outlander season 7, Murdina's death is affecting a character I love. And that's Young Ian. Because he killed her by accident, now Arch Bug has a vendetta against Young Ian and he has has a target on his back. Arch needs to stay away from Rachel Hunter! But I know Mr. Bug is going to be a problem for Young Ian coming up, and having Murdina around would eliminate that issue. I'm nervous for what he has planned.