6 Outlander characters we’d bring back from the dead (and 7 we wouldn’t)

From beloved characters like Murtagh to awful ones like Black Jack, here's who we'd want to see again and who should stay gone.

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Colum and Dougal MacKenzie

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: I think these MacKenzie brothers' stories came to a good end. Dougal was a complicated character who had a complicated relationship with his nephew, Jamie. I think he fulfilled all he could through the Battle of Culloden. And though his death was not a fair one at the hands of Jamie and Claire, Dougal always brought trouble with him. Including Geillis, but she's a different story and someone I wouldn't bring back either. His excessive patriotism got him killed, and he should honestly stay that way. Sorry Dougal.

Colum was much better and level-headed than his brother, and a great Laird at Castle Leoch. Though he suffered a lot with his ailment and by the time he came to Jamie and Claire, he was in really bad shape. I think his story came to a natural, albeit sad, ending and it worked out for the story. And with all that happened to Scotland after Culloden, it's good this proud Scot wasn't around to experience the hardships that came next with the British.

Frank Randall

WOULDN'T BRING BACK: Oh, Frank. I have a lot of mixed feelings about him that I won't get into too much here. Though I do think when he died, it was the right time.. The Claire/Frank story came to a natural end. It's sad that the last time they interacted it was them fighting. But, there was nowhere else for this to go. And if he was still around, I don't know if Claire would have ever found out that Jamie was still alive. Like her patient Graham Menzies that we learn about in season 5 or Frank's friend Reverend Wakefield, those two are another set of characters I wouldn't bring back. Not that I have antyhing against them, but it's Graham's death that lead to Claire taking a leave of absence of work and her and Bree heading to England. And from there, they learned about Reverand Wakefield's death and went to Scotland for the funeral. And what did that butterfly effect lead to? Finding out Jamie is still alive!

Brian and Ellen Fraser

BRING BACK: Last but not least, I would definitely bring back Jamie's parents. Claire unfortunatley doesn't have many memories of her parents, so she doesn't really talk about them. But Jamie does, and has many memories with his mom and dad, Brian and Ellen Fraser. It would have been nice for them to meet Claire too, and see how they would react to Jamie marrying a Sassenach. They seemed to be great people and a great couple from the little we've heard of them. Brian is someone Jamie really looked up to and it would have been nice to see Ellen and Claire interact. Thankfully, we at least have the prequel series, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, in the works to learn more about them!

All seven seasons of Outlander are currently streaming on Starz. Season 7 part 2 will premiere sometime in 2024.

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