8 things nobody wants to admit about Once Upon a Time

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Emma’s superpower doesn’t make sense and other plot holes

Emma’s superpower and how it works isn’t really explained well, and having this magical ability doesn't make sense. That's because it's only used when it's convenient for the story. Now I know for the sake of keeping things interesting she couldn't detect every truth and trickery of the bad guys. But Emma's superpower came into play if it suited the scene. And if it was going to be used like that, I don't think she should have had the ability to "detect lies" in the first place.

Another plot hole that I think many of us ended up giving up on trying to wrap our heads around are the characters' ages. I mean, I can't even talk about the timeline. It's hard to keep track of and gives us a headache! Like how did Arendelle and Camelot fit in with the Enchanted Forest? Even the age of Killian's brother, who was not frozen in time, doesn't make sense. But as a fan of OUAT, this is one thing you just go along with. It doesn't mean we don't think about it though!

The musical episode is TV gold

Probably one of the best episodes to come out of Once Upon a Time is definitely the musical episode! And in case any of you are wondering that's season 6 episode 20, "The Song in Your Heart." Fans had been asking for a musical episode for so long, and we finally got it in the sixth season. The creators were afraid they wouldn't do it well and wanted to figure out how to tie it into the story. And I think it was a definite success! All of the characters had powerful numbers, and this cast is just so talented.

The way the singing was weaved into the plot was really smart, that way they're not all breaking out into song for no reason. Mixed in with the fairytale aspect of the series, it really worked and is definitely one of my favorite episodes overall. It was a treat for fans, and it was also wonderful to have Emma and Killian's wedding be a part of it too! Musical episodes have been done many times on TV, but none are as great as OUAT's!


Easy travel between realms undermined the whole story

A frustrating element about the show is how easy it becomes for the characters to travel between realms. The whole point of the Dark Curse and Emma having to grow up alone and without her parents in the first season is that magic beans are rare and it’s very difficult, almost impossible, to travel between realms. That's why Rumple orchestrated this whole grand plan too. So Regina would enact the curse and he could reunite with Bae. But as time went on, the characters were finding magic beans and traveling to other realms in each season, sometimes more than once a season. Again, I understand why the writers did this. They wanted to explore other places so these heroes can have all the adventures. But this just undermined the whole point of the story established in the first season.