8 True Detective season 4 characters ranked from worst to best

Now that season 4 of True Detective is over, here are the top 8 characters of the season ranked from worst to best.

True Detective: Night Country | Official Teaser | Max
True Detective: Night Country | Official Teaser | Max / Max
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Season 4 of True Detective has come and gone. Instead of the normal eight episodes, season 4 cut it by two. This is a good thing. They told the story they needed to and got out of there. We’ve all seen programs and movies that go on too long and how they can ruin a project.


True Detective season 4 was different than the others. It had more supernatural aspects to it. In the end, things weren’t like they appeared. Some unexplainable things linked to a spiritual world, but it wasn’t that cut and dry. Plus, the dead weren't doing the killing. Thankfully, it wasn’t predictable. If you could figure it out in episode 1, why continue watching?

These episodes didn’t have the same effect as the first or third seasons. Nevertheless, it has the highest streaming numbers of any previous season. While the story was good, it wouldn’t have been as popular without the characters. Here are the top six ranked and what made them great additions to the show.

Joel Montgrand
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8. Eddie Qavvik

Played by: Joel Montgrand

Eddie was one of the few people that Evangeline Navarro trusted. He may have seemed like a friend with benefits, but he was more than that. When things started to get worse, Navarro went to him for comfort. As frustrated as Qavvik was with Navarro, he loved her. Their relationship helped show a lighter side of Navarro.