8 True Detective season 4 characters ranked from worst to best

Now that season 4 of True Detective is over, here are the top 8 characters of the season ranked from worst to best.

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Fiona Shaw
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4. Rose Aguineau

Played by: Fiona Shaw

Rose was a mysterious bad-@$$. You didn’t know who she was before she came to Alaska, but you got clues. She was definitely into some shady things. That’s a good thing too. Navarro and Liz Danvers needed her throughout the season. Especially when they needed to dispose of Hank’s body. 

John Hawkes
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3. Hank Prior

Played by: John Hawkes

Hank was a jerk from the minute he appeared until he was killed. You’d like to believe that there was some good in him or that his past trauma made him that way. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Everything he did was because he was self-absorbed. The funny thing is his horrible nature made him a good character.

Everybody on a show shouldn’t be likable. You must have someone to root against. That was Hank. When you start to feel bad for him, you find out he’s a dirtbag. If it wasn’t because of the way he treated his son, it’s for working with the enemy. He even looked like a jerk trying to do the right thing in the end. His son will forever remember that he had to kill his father.