8 True Detective season 4 characters ranked from worst to best

Now that season 4 of True Detective is over, here are the top 8 characters of the season ranked from worst to best.

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True Detective: Night Country | Official Teaser | Max / Max
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Kali Reis
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2. Evangeline Navarro

Played by: Kali Reis

Before Kali Reis appeared in True Detective, she’d only appeared in two other projects (Asphalt City and Catch the Fair One). Coming into a revered show like this couldn’t have been easy. However, as a former boxer, she’s used to performing under pressure. She proved that to be true during her incredible performance as Evangeline Navarro.

Navarro started the show as a hard-nosed state police officer. As the first show continued she displayed other characteristics. Among them is a caring side towards her sister Navarro's reaction to her death was nothing short of amazing. There was also the playful part of her that only Qavvik saw. They both added a much-needed balance to Navarro.

Jodie Foster
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1. Liz Danvers

Played: Jodie Foster

You can’t go wrong with Jodie Foster. She helped lead season 4 of True Detective for six episodes and didn’t miss a beat.

At times, Liv Danvers was a selfish and stubborn boss. A lot of the time she refused to listen to anyone but herself. On the flip side, you could see the damage from her past and how it led to her poor decisions and excessive drinking.

Liz Danvers was also a brilliant and determined detective. There were times when she wanted to quit. She did at least once. Nevertheless, everyone knew she’d never really give up. Liv Danvers wouldn’t even let a blizzard in the middle of the night in Alaska stop her. She was a champion of the people who wanted the truth.

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