9 best Disney villains ranked from bad to evil

Disney villains are the unsung heroes of storytelling, adding flavor and challenge to the mix. Let's look at 9 of the best ones and see how they rank.

The Little Mermaid - Courtesy of Disney via Image.net
The Little Mermaid - Courtesy of Disney via Image.net /
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3. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Sitting pretty at number 3, Ursula the sea witch is the ocean's answer to high-stakes real estate, trading voices for vague promises and trapping souls like it's a hobby.

Ursula's not just evil - she's another very theatrically evil villain, with a flair for drama that could outshine Broadway. She turns manipulation into an art form, making deals that are too good to be true, because, well, they kind of are. It's her blend of charm, ambition, and sheer magical expertise that cements her spot as the third-best Disney villain. With Ursula, you're guaranteed a show, complete with a signature song and an unforgettable exit.

What's not to love about a villain who brings such depth to the sea of storytelling?

2. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)

Madame Medusa ranks impressively high among Disney villains, securing the second spot with her uniquely wicked ways.

Unlike your typical villain with grandiose plans of domination or revenge, Medusa's evilness is chillingly personal and greed-driven. She kidnaps a helpless orphan, Penny, to exploit her in the pursuit of a precious diamond. This act of combining child abduction with selfish gain is what sets Medusa apart. Her disregard for innocence and willingness to manipulate a child for wealth showcases a level of villainy that's both relatable and terrifying, making her one of Disney's most memorable antagonists.

And she's in evilly good company up here at the top.

1. Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)

Remember me... Trust me, we do.

Ernesto de la Cruz tops the charts of Disney villainy not just for his velvety voice or charming façade, but for the sheer depth of his betrayal.

Imagine being so hungry for fame that you'd poison your best friend, then steal his songs and his life story to build your own legacy. It's a villainy that hits close to home because it's not about magical curses or armies of the undead - it's about the betrayal of trust and the theft of dreams. What makes Ernesto's treachery particularly chilling is how it's cloaked in the guise of friendship and mentorship, only to reveal a heart as cold as a forgotten guitar in a dusty attic.

His story is a cautionary tale about the price of fame and how it can corrupt the soul, making him a villain we love to hate and a stark reminder of the darkness lurking behind some people's smiles.

At the end of the day, Disney villains are the unsung heroes of storytelling, adding flavor and challenge to the mix. They make us cheer louder for the protagonists, teach us about resilience, and remind us that overcoming adversity often leads to personal growth. Whether they're plotting from dark castles or lurking in the shadows, these villains ensure that every Disney tale is a rollercoaster of emotions, complete with lessons on love, friendship, and the eternal battle between good and evil.

Hats off to these masters of mischief and mayhem - Disney magic wouldn't be quite as magical without them.