9 most disliked moments in all X-Men movies, ranked

Let's take a look at nine specific moments we've encountered among all 13 X-Men movies that still do not spark joy, shall we?

227_xb_8265_v1086.1027 – Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the original and most powerful mutant, embarks on a path of global destruction. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
227_xb_8265_v1086.1027 – Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the original and most powerful mutant, embarks on a path of global destruction. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /
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8. X2: X-Men United (2003)

In the cinematic universe of X-Men, X2: X-Men United shines bright like a superhero's cape in the sun. However, even the shiniest cape can flutter into a tangled mess now and then, and that's kind of what happened here.

Imagine the movie as a juggler, arms flailing, trying to keep a dozen colorful balls in the air. With its bustling crew of characters and a tangled web of stories, the movie sometimes tripped over its own superhero boots. It was like being on a super-speed tour through Mutantville, catching only glimpses of cool spots before zooming off. Sure, the movie did a heroic job tying all those plot threads together, but it left us wishing we could hit pause to spend a bit more time with our favorite mutant tales.

Diving into the mutant mix, Lady Deathstrike's role was like a firework that fizzed out entirely too soon - leaving fans like myself and my sister pretty bummed out.

Her epic and oddly sexy face-off with Wolverine promised a storm of emotion but ended up more like a light drizzle. There they were, claws out, in a dance of destiny, but the heart of their clash just didn't thump loudly enough. Despite Deathstrike being a visual knockout, a complete badass, and a force to be reckoned with, the showdown was too brief and sadly... not as memorable as we wish it had been. It was a bit like watching a spectacularly dressed villain strut on stage, only to forget their lines. It reminded us that even the most dazzling of duels can miss the mark in the memory-making department.

7. X-Men (2000)

Once upon a time in the land of superheroes, X-Men zipped onto the big screen like a comet, kicking off the whole craze of turning comic books into blockbuster movies. But hey, even superheroes trip over their capes sometimes, and X-Men, for all its awesomeness, had a few stumbles.

It's the year 2000, and X-Men rolls out with special effects that were pretty snazzy back then. Fast forward to today, and those once-cool CGI moments kinda look like your grandma's vintage wallpaper - charming but definitely showing their age. They should have taken notes on the magnificent and perfect Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson - just sayin'. Watching the mutants do their thing was cool, but sometimes, you could almost see the strings being pulled, making it a little less magical. It's like going back to your favorite video game from childhood and realizing it's not as high-def as you remembered.

And then there's the whole deal with Storm, the mighty mutant who can control the weather. She stepped out of the comic pages and onto the screen, but it was like she left some of her thunder and lightning behind. Halle Berry took on the role, and while she gave it a good shot, many fans felt like Storm just didn't hit the mark. In the comics, Storm is this deep, powerful character with a presence that's hard to ignore. But in the movie, she seemed a bit... well, watered down. It's like expecting a thunderstorm and getting a light drizzle instead. Sure, Storm had her moments - "The same thing that happens to everything else" definitely not being one of them - but for a character that's supposed to shake the foundations, it felt like a missed chance to really show off what makes her so special.