9 most disliked moments in all X-Men movies, ranked

Let's take a look at nine specific moments we've encountered among all 13 X-Men movies that still do not spark joy, shall we?

227_xb_8265_v1086.1027 – Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the original and most powerful mutant, embarks on a path of global destruction. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
227_xb_8265_v1086.1027 – Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the original and most powerful mutant, embarks on a path of global destruction. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /
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4. X-Men: The New Mutants (2020)

Hmmm. Where to start...?

I know. Imagine if the X-Men decided to throw a party, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong. That’s kind of what happened with X-Men: The New Mutants.

This movie went on a bumpy roller coaster ride long before it hit theaters, dealing with all sorts of hiccups - like changing the party date several times and then deciding to redo half the decorations at the last minute. By the time the party - ahem, I mean, the movie - finally happened, it was like a puzzle with pieces that didn’t quite fit. One minute, it was trying to scare your socks off, and the next, it was like it forgot it was supposed to be a horror movie. The result? A bit of a head-scratcher that left folks feeling like they’d missed a step somewhere and a waste of talent with such a good cast.

And speaking of the scares, The New Mutants wanted to be the haunted house on the block, the one that gives you chills and makes you jump. But instead of having us peek through our fingers in fear, it was more like wandering through a mildly spooky maze where the scariest thing might be a jump scare that’s more giggle than a shriek. It aimed to mix up the X-Men world with a dash of horror, but it kind of ended up like pouring ketchup on ice cream - not the treat it hoped to be. With its behind-the-scenes drama and horror that didn’t quite horrify, The New Mutants ended up as a not-so-golden moment for the X-Men series, showing just how tricky it can be to throw a good party, or make a movie, when everything’s not going smoothly.

3. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix tried to soar but ended up doing more of a face-plant. I don't think there's a better way to put it, quite frankly.

It was supposed to be this epic comeback, fixing the oopsies from The Last Stand and finally doing the Dark Phoenix saga justice. But whoops, it ironically and unflatteringly tripped over its own cape. Instead of giving us a deep dive into Jean Grey's awesome but terrifying transformation, it felt like they were rushing through the story as if they were late for a bus. We were sitting on the edge of our seats, hoping to get lost in Jean's inner battles and the whole "what happens when you get too much power" dilemma. But nah, the movie was like that friend who tells you the story but forgets the good parts, leaving everyone feeling kinda meh.

And oh, the plot? More tangled than my child's hair at the end of a windy recess day.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was like, "Character development? Nope, never heard of her."

It zoomed past important moments that could've given our favorite mutants some real depth. It's like the movie was running a sprint, leaving no room for those emotional moments that make you reach for the tissues. Fans were ready to dive deep into the feels and cheer for their heroes overcoming personal crises. But the emotional punches pulled their punches, and what could've been a knockout story ended up feeling a bit like a light slap. In the end, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a lesson in missed chances, showing that even the coolest stories need more than just big names and flashy powers to truly fly.