9 saddest deaths in RWBY, ranked from sad to heartbreaking (and 3 most satisfying ones)

In the world of RWBY, actions have consequences, heroes are made, villains are undone, and the audience is forever kept on the edge of their seat (and with tissues nearby).

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3) Arthur Watts

Arthur Watts met his end in a way that was both fitting and gratifying. His end wasn't just a random twist of fate - it was a calculated conclusion to his journey of manipulation and deceit by none other than Cinder, the character with an apparently insatiable thirst for killing characters off in this show. Watts was a villain who used his intelligence for not-so-great purposes. He wasn't your typical brute-force antagonist. Instead, he relied on his wits, technological skills, and knowledge to orchestrate chaos. His schemes made him a character you loved to hate. His involvement in the fall of Beacon and manipulation of the Atlas security system were just a few examples of how much chaos and unease he brought to the show. So, when his end finally came, it felt like a triumph of justice, a moment where his own cunning was outmatched by someone he had very recently berated.

His final moments were particularly dramatic. He finds himself trapped in a control room as Cinder uses her Maiden powers to set the room on fire. His death is not only a result of his own scheming but also a consequence of the alliances and enemies he made along the way, marking a fitting and dramatic end to his character arc in RWBY.

What made Watts' death so satisfying was the essence of poetic justice. In a world like RWBY's, where battles are often won by physical might, it was fitting to see Watts defeated by his own game - the game of intelligence and strategy. The fact that he was outsmarted and overpowered in a scenario he thought he controlled added an extra layer of satisfaction. This not only provided a sense of closure to his character arc but also served as a reminder that in the world of RWBY, evil deeds eventually do catch up to you.