9 saddest deaths in RWBY, ranked from sad to heartbreaking (and 3 most satisfying ones)

In the world of RWBY, actions have consequences, heroes are made, villains are undone, and the audience is forever kept on the edge of their seat (and with tissues nearby).

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2) Jacques Schnee

Jacques Schnee's death stands out as a remarkably satisfying and well-deserved moment, a testament to the show's incredible storytelling and character development. Jacques, the calculating and cold-hearted patriarch of the Schnee family, was notorious for his ruthless business tactics and his unsympathetic treatment of his own family, particularly his daughter Weiss. His actions, driven by greed and a relentless pursuit of power, had long made the bed for his final rest. We witnessed Jacques' manipulative and abusive behavior over several seasons, making his downfall a moment of cathartic justice. His end was a narrative necessity, closing a chapter of tyranny and opening a path for redemption and change within the Schnee family.

Jacques' final scene was just beautiful, reflecting the consequences of his own actions and the poetic justice of his fate. His death was not just about the physical act - it was the symbolic crumbling of his empire of lies, intimidation, and manipulation. What made it particularly gratifying was how it aligned with the themes of RWBY, a show that consistently emphasizes the importance of choices and their consequences. Jacques had made his choices, and in the end, he reaped what he had sown.

It was a fitting end for a character who had caused so much pain and suffering, providing a sense of closure and satisfaction for the audience. When it comes to RWBY's narrative, Jacques' end was a powerful reminder that in a world filled with darkness and conflict, justice, though sometimes delayed, is inevitable.

Bye, jerk.