9 saddest deaths in RWBY, ranked from sad to heartbreaking (and 3 most satisfying ones)

In the world of RWBY, actions have consequences, heroes are made, villains are undone, and the audience is forever kept on the edge of their seat (and with tissues nearby).
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3) Little

Don't lie - Little's death was a shocking and heartbreaking moment that left us all sad and with our jaws on the floor. Little, the charming and adorable little mouse who befriended Ruby in the latest and ninth volume, symbolized hope and resilience in the face of adversity. And he was so damn cute! His primary goal was to offer comfort and guidance to Ruby, helping her and her friends find their way back home to Remnant. This tiny, brave mouse showed immense courage, particularly in the scene where he fearlessly bit the Cat's tail in an attempt to ruin its menacing plan to possess Ruby. It was a moment of small but significant victory, a testament to Little's unwavering spirit and determination to protect his friend at all costs.

But, the sudden, inevitable, and brutal way in which Little is murdered was what truly struck a chord with us all. Just when it seemed like Little had made a difference, Neo, with a cold and ruthless act, crushes him by stomping on him when we least expected it. I actually gasped out loud when the scene played out.

This act was not just a physical crushing of Little, but a symbolic crushing of hope and innocence as witnessed by Ruby. The timing of this event, happening right before Ruby's eyes, only made the shock and sorrow more intense. Little's death signified the loss of a loyal companion and the shattering of the last bits of optimism Ruby so desperately clung to in this difficult ninth volume. The following scene, where the Tree claims Ruby for Ascension, taking Little's lifeless body along, is a reminder of the fragility of life and the harsh realities of their world. This moment was a powerful narrative tool, beautifully and effectively used to evoke deep emotions and highlight the themes of loss and courage in the face of overwhelming darkness.