A Sign of Affection season 2 hasn't been ordered (but it also hasn't been canceled)

A Sign of Affection is nearing its end and fans are starting to get a little worried since there hasn't been an announcement of season 2 just yet. Will this anime ever return? Here's what we know so far!

A Sign of Affection - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
A Sign of Affection - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding A Sign of Affection season 1!

A Sign of Affection is making us all want to find that perfect person and fall in love!

This 2024 anime never ceased to have so many moments that made us giggle or have dialogue so romantic that it made our hearts skip and beat. What's more, it's an amazing anime that is different than most for the simple fact that our protagonist, Yuki Itose, is deaf. All in all, this anime is yet another must-watch!

If you've had the fortune of witnessing the beauty of this anime, you may have been wondering whether you will get a chance to watch even more of this anime when its first season eventually comes to an end very soon. Fortunately for you, we've been wondering the same thing, too!

Here's everything we know so far about the odds of A Sign of Affection season 2 happening!

Will we only get one season of A Sign of Affection?

At the time of writing, Crunchyroll hasn't said anything official regarding whether the anime will return for a sophomore season. We know that this has little to do with content, as A Sign of Affection's manga is still ongoing. So, our best guess is that the site is just waiting to have a little more of the story to adapt into an anime.

Needless to say, the ball is in Crunchyroll's court. Even so, whenever the anime streaming service is ready to make a move, we'll be right here to let you know.

What's left in store for season 1?

At this point in the anime, we know that Yuki and her crush, Itsuomi, are finally together as a couple. They had a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, especially because Yuki had to find a way to not let her shy nature get in the way of her true feelings. But they pushed through every circumstance and are now reaping the benefits.

Going forward, we will likely see this couple become even more expressive with one another. What roadblocks lie ahead are unknown to us. But we know they're going to make it through.

Also, we will likely see the other characters surrounding Yuki and Itsuomi figure out their respective lives and try to find what makes them happy, too!

With eight episodes down and a few more to go, we are getting ready to bid farewell to the first season of A Sign of Affection. Be sure to head over to Crunchyroll to stream brand-new episodes! See you there!

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