Agatha All Along teaser exclusively dropped at Upfront (don't worry, I have the deets)

Disney did more than confirm the title and release for Agatha All Along - there was apparently a teaser trailer dropped for the lucky attendees.
Marvel Television's AGATHA ALL ALONG, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 MARVEL.
Marvel Television's AGATHA ALL ALONG, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 MARVEL. /

Disney sprinkled a little bit of its magic at the Upfront event earlier this week, giving us a bit more information on the upcoming Agatha All Along series by Marvel Studios, which stars our favorite nefarious witch from WandaVision.

What the folks at Disney also shared with attendees was a tantalizing first look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series. The reveal had everyone in the audience on the edge of their seats, and trust me, there's a lot to unpack here, including my disappointment in not seeing said teaser.

Thankfully, insider Cosmic Marvel was kind enough to give us a very thorough description of it as told by IGN.

The trailer kicks off with a surprising twist - Agatha Harkness is not wielding her typical witchy powers but instead grappling with the mysteries of a murder case like a dark, modern detective. Forget brooms and cauldrons - Agatha is scanning through lists of dates and clues that lead to one chilling name: W. Maximoff. That's right, our Queen Wanda's shadow still looms large. Enter Aubrey Plaza, whose character saunters in with a cryptic, slightly menacing vibe. She confronts Agatha, questioning her self-perception and pushing her to reclaim her witchy essence. She says, "That witch is gone, leaving you in a distorted spell. Claw your way out." Aubrey's delivery is apparently perfectly eerie, setting the stage for a compelling transformation. As Agatha snaps back to her senses, asserting, "She took every bit of power I had. I can be that witch again," the lucky audience was thrust into a montage of mystic and unnervingly enchanting sequences.

Agatha is clearly on a mission, and it involves a lot more than stirring potions - she's out to forge her coven on the so-called Witch's Road. But it's not going to be a walk in the park.

Patti LuPone makes a spectacular appearance, injecting a dose of skepticism and charisma. Her character's question, "What witch in her right mind would join Agatha Harkness' coven?" adds a delicious layer of intrigue. Agatha’s response, filled with a mix of desperation and defiance, shows us that this series will dive deep into themes of identity, power, and belonging: "I'm not looking for right-minded witches."

What's truly mesmerizing about the teaser trailer that I never got to see is its apparent ability to blend the supernatural with a gritty, detective noir vibe, promising a show that breaks the mold of typical superhero antics. It's clear that Agatha All Along aims to explore the complexities of its protagonist in ways we haven't seen before in the MCU.

The promise of more original songs by the genius duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who brought us the catchy Agatha All Along only heightens the anticipation for some while making it dreadful for others. Hi, it's me, I'm others. I highly dislike musicals and, if Patti LuPone telling us it's a musical is accurate, I'm in for a world of cringing.

In short, the teaser for Agatha All Along is a masterclass in hype. It sets up a story that feels both familiar and fresh, expanding on a character that captivated millions without revealing too much. Kathryn Hahn's magnetic charm is on full display, and with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Aubrey Plaza and the untamable titan Patti LuPone, this series is shaping up to be an enchanting spectacle.

Mark your calendars for September 18, because Agatha Harkness is not just coming back - she’s coming back with a vengeance, and it’s going to be a magical ride on Disney+.

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