Alan Wake 2: The ultimate easter egg and secrets guide

Welcome to Bright Falls, a town filled with many scares, supernatural events, and secrets waiting to be uncovered. It's time to grab a flashlight and accompany us to find every easter egg hidden in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment.
Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /
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Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

11. A teaser for what's to come

Even if players are still trying to make sense of the mind-bending narrative in Alan Wake 2 to this date, time keeps moving forward (unless you're Jack Joyce, that is) and so we need to look at what the future holds.

DLC for Remedy's latest title will be released at an unspecified date in 2024, and it will be comprised of the Night Springs and Lake House expansions. So it only seems fitting that there are teasers of one of those additions scattered throughout the game. If players look closely enough, they will spot many Night Springs posters that read "New season coming soon" alluding to the upcoming chapter in Alan Wake's story. Let's just hope it releases sooner rather than later.

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

12. Characters from Control make an appearance

As if all the references about other Remedy games that we've discussed so far weren't enough, characters from Control make multiple appearances on Alan Wake 2 as well. Perhaps the biggest occasion is when Jesse Faden shows herself trying to contact Alan and Thomas through a TV broadcast in The Dark Place. However, as exciting as that was, it didn't stop there. Dr. Casper Darling also makes an appearance just after Jesse shows up:

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

Speaking of which, you can find a book written by Dr. Casper much earlier in the game when traversing Mr. Door's talk show studio:

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

Finally; Ahti, everybody's favorite janitor, also makes an appearance to guide Alan Wake on the right path much like he did with Jesse Faden throughout the events of Control:

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

We can't help but feel all of these references foreshadow a crossover worthy of being in an Avengers movie. After all, Dr. Casper ends up trapped in the Dark World when credits roll on Alan Wake 2, so it only makes sense for Jesse to go rescue him and maybe meet Alan along the way. Let's just hope Remedy is building towards bringing its many properties together in one mind-bending video game.

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

13. The Harry Garrett Show

Echoes from a long-forgotten TV show that once had Alan Wake as a guest can be found in The Dark Place. If players explore the basement of Mr. Door's talk show studio, they will find the sign of The Harry Garrett Show, a series that made an appearance in the first Alan Wake game. Even if the sequel lacks any new episodes of it, its sign can still be seen hiding in plain sight.

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14. Oceanview Hotel

We all know how the story goes. Alan finds himself trapped in an alternate reality where the monsters trying to kill him are the least of his worries. As he ventures into the maze-like streets of this cursed place filled with terrors and horrors, he sees a bright neon sign that invites him to go to the Oceanview Hotel. This name could immediately ring a bell for players, and it's all thanks to Control. A game where Jesse Faden also goes to a similar place that's outside of time and space called the Oceanview Motel.

It's no mere coincidence both places are called (almost) the same. And if that wasn't enough, Saga Anderson also comes across an underwater bunker called the Oceanview Hotel when she goes to the Dark Place to find her grandfather. Except it looks completely different than anything Alan or Jesse see in their versions of this mysterious place.

Alan Wake 2. Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment. /

Interestingly enough, there's a dialog where Pat Maine talks about the history of this very same bunker in the real world and calls it the Oceanview Motel & Spa, just like it's called in Control. However, when Saga Anderson finally meets the bunker, there's one graffiti calling it a hotel. It's unclear what implications the difference in the name has or why it changes in the Dark Place. However, one thing's for certain: Pat Maine seems to be unaffected by Scratch's horror story becoming a reality, so we believe him when he says the place is a motel.