All 8 versions of Beast ranked from worst to best

Dive into the vibrant world of the X-Men's Beast, exploring different versions of this beloved character in the animated and live-action adaptations.
Wolverine Meets Beast Scene | X-Men The Last Stand (2006) Movie Clip HD 4K
Wolverine Meets Beast Scene | X-Men The Last Stand (2006) Movie Clip HD 4K / Filmey Box

Meet Beast, AKA Hank McCoy, the X-Men's very own blue-furred, super-strong, wall-climbing genius. With a brain as vast as his biceps, Beast is the superhero world's ultimate combo of brains and brawn. Whether he's quoting Shakespeare or somersaulting into battle, Beast never fails to impress.

From animated antics to live-action adventures, Beast proves he’s not just another pretty (and furry) face. He’s got the wit to outsmart his foes and the heart to inspire his friends. So, whether you prefer your Beast quoting poetry or flexing his phenomenal physics knowledge (or muscles), there's an iteration of this beloved blue X-Man for you.

Let's take a look at 8 versions of Beast we've seen in the animated and live-action adaptations and rank them from worst to best:

8) Wolverine and the X-Men (2008-2009)

Picture a world where Beast not only flexes his muscular prowess but also dazzles with his brainpower, all wrapped up in storylines so twisty and rich, they could give a pretzel a run for its money. This Beast doesn't just fight - he thinks, loves, and strategizes, bringing a depth to the character that tugs at the heartstrings. But, amidst the brilliance of other, more nostalgic or visually stunning versions, this complex Beast lands in the 8th spot.

It's not for a lack of charm or impact - not at all - but perhaps because it's like that critically acclaimed indie film that not everyone has seen but those who have can't stop raving about. This Beast shines brightly in the kaleidoscope of portrayals, offering a version that's as rich and layered as a triple-chocolate cake, proving that sometimes, the best flavors are discovered on the second bite.

7) X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men (1989)

This version is like finding an old comic book in your attic - a nostalgic treasure, but not without its dust bunnies. Our blue buddy Beast pops up here, flexing his classic comic book vibes. However, since this was just a pilot that never soared into a full series, we only get a teeny-tiny taste of Beast’s brainy and brawny charm. It’s like ordering a gourmet burger and only getting a slider - delicious, but oh-so-brief.

While Beast does his best with the screen time he's given, showing off those familiar literary quotes and acrobatic antics, this version is more of a cameo than a full-on character feast. Hence, it sits at number 7, making us wonder about the epic adventures that could have been if this pilot had taken off.

6) The Super Hero Squad Show (2009-2011)

This Beast is less about brooding in the lab and more about busting out jokes, turning our blue hero into a laugh riot. Imagine Beast not just as your brainy buddy but as the class clown of the Marvel universe. He pops in as a guest star, which means we don't get to see him all the time (bummer, right?), but when we do, it's great.

This Beast is all about lightening the mood, trading his usual deep quotes for witty one-liners, and making sure even superheroes can have a little fun. While it’s a blast, this version ranks at number 6 because, amidst all the giggles and guffaws, we miss out on some of the depth and complexity that make Beast such a fascinating character. But hey, who says you can’t be a genius and the life of the party?

5) Marvel Anime: X-Men (2011)

This isn't your everyday, average Beast - this is Beast if he decided to take a detour through Tokyo and level up his cool factor by a thousand. With that sleek, anime-style makeover, Beast not only gets sharper claws but sharper cheekbones, making him look like the superhero heartthrob we never knew we needed. The storytelling dives into the deep end, mixing traditional X-Men themes with the flair and drama only anime can bring. It's like watching Beast solve mutant mysteries, flex his intellectual muscles, and kick ass - all while looking fabulously stylish.

But why number 5, you ask? Well, while it's a fresh and fascinating take, it competes in a crowded field of beasts (pun intended), balancing between the classic charm of the animated versions and the nuanced depth of live-action portrayals. It's a Beast that stands out for being bold and different, perfect for when you're craving your superhero action with a side of dramatic anime eyes and high-flying martial arts. A true fusion dish that hits the spot but leaves you curious about the rest of the menu.

4) X-Men: Evolution (2000-2003)

Landing smack in the middle at number 4 is the high school teacher version of Beast. It’s like watching your favorite, quirky science teacher turn into a superhero. This show, which happens to be my personal favorite X-Men series, throws us a curveball by introducing Hank McCoy as a regular (well, as regular as a genius can be) teacher who hasn’t yet embraced his furry blue alter-ego. It’s a fresh take that adds layers to his character, peeling back the pages of his story as we watch him transform - literally and figuratively.

This Beast teaches us about growth, acceptance, and the courage to be ourselves, all while navigating the halls of high school. It’s a blend of teen drama and superhero action that offers a deeper dive into Beast’s journey, making it a unique and compelling chapter in his saga. Plus, who doesn’t love a good origin story that feels like a mix of a science class and an episode of My Hero Academia?

3) X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

Landing a solid bronze in our Beast lineup is Nicholas Hoult's rendition in the action-packed, emotion-stirring quadrilogy (yes, I just made that word up) starting with X-Men: First Class and ending with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. It's all about the journey - Hoult gives us a front-row seat to Hank McCoy's wild ride from self-conscious genius to full-on furry blue hero. This Beast isn't just about the brawn - he's got the brains and the heart, grappling with his mutations in a way that's oh-so-relatable.

Watching him evolve across these films is like cheering for your best friend who's finally learning to rock their unique awesomeness. Plus, his dynamic with the other X-Men adds layers to his character, showcasing his strategic mind and tender soul. Hoult's Beast isn't just a character - he's a journey, one that explores the depths of identity, acceptance, and the power of embracing one's true self, all while throwing down in some epic battles. So, why does he rank third? Because amidst the extraordinary world of mutants, he brings an extraordinary dose of humanity, making his version of Beast unforgettably heartwarming and heroically cool.

2) X-Men: The Animated Series (1992-1997)

Picture a towering, blue furball with a heart of gold and a brain that could give Einstein a run for his money. This Beast isn't just about the brawn - he's the king of cool quotes, pulling out snippets of Shakespeare and Plato faster than you can say "mutant." He's the gentle giant of our dreams, embodying the perfect blend of might and mind.

This version of Beast brings a touch of class to the superhero hustle, teaching us that you can indeed judge a book by its cover - especially if it's reciting poetry while bench-pressing bad guys. It’s no wonder fans have a soft spot for this articulate, furry blue scholar. His ability to punch through walls and prejudices alike, all while discussing the finer points of literature, makes him not just a fan favorite, but a true icon of the X-Men universe.

1) X2: X-Men United (2003) and X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

In these two masterpieces, Grammer dons the blue fur like he was born to wear it, bringing a blend of sophistication, sass, and sheer intellect that's as rare as a singing Wolverine. His is a dignified, eloquent Beast, who can discuss quantum physics and the state of mutant rights, then leap into action, tossing bad guys around with a grace that would make a ballet dancer weep. His political savvy and moral compass set him apart, making him not just a muscle-bound hero but a beacon of hope for mutants and humans alike.

Grammer's incredible portrayal is like your favorite professor becomes a superhero – someone who can inspire you to change the world (and maybe teach you a thing or two about Shakespeare while he's at it). In the X-Men universe, where brains meet brawn, Grammer's Beast stands tall, proving that you can indeed have your cake and eat it too, as long as you can quote Shakespeare while doing it.

From the animated antics to the live-action luminary that is Kelsey Grammer's Beast, we've clawed our way through the fur-tastic world of one of the X-Men's most beloved characters. Each iteration of Beast brings something unique to the table, whether it's high-flying heroics, brainy banter, or just a big, blue, heartwarming presence. So, whether you're into the action-packed adventures or the thoughtful musings of our furry friend, there's a version of Beast out there that'll capture your imagination and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to embrace your inner mutant (blue fur optional).

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