All 10 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters ranked from worst to best

Each episode is unique and fun in its own way, each adding more and more to the lore and universe of the franchise. But which episode is the best one?
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
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7. "Will the Real May Please Stand Up?" - episode 7

This episode dives headfirst into chaos with Monarch's latest tech - a Titan alert system. Then, there's Tim's narrow escape from a chopper crash caused by Godzilla himself, creating a mix of awe and anarchy that sets the tone for the entire episode.

When Monarch goes live on TV to own up to their Titan research, it's a huge game-changer for the MonsterVerse. It truly is Monarch telling the world that giant monsters are real and they're here to stay. Then get to the point where we find out that May isn't really May - she's Korra.

Her past is like opening a box of secrets that, though they do add a bit more depth to her character, don't really go anywhere other than introducing Brenda - who becomes pretty crucial in the final episode. Our favorite trio gets a last-minute replacement as May is kidnapped and Tim brings a perfect blend of humor and tension to the mix. I absolutely adore Joe Tippett in this show.

So, why is this episode in seventh place? While it does have just the right amount of juicy plot twists, character development, and a side of humor, the whole dive into May and her past seems like a filler. It doesn't really add much to the story, it's kind of boring (which pains me to say), and felt pretty weak. Otherwise, every other second of this episode feels like a step deeper into the Monsterverse.