All 10 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters ranked from worst to best

Each episode is unique and fun in its own way, each adding more and more to the lore and universe of the franchise. But which episode is the best one?
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
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6. "Terrifying Miracles" - episode 6

"Terrifying Miracles" rockets its way to being the sixth-best episode of the show. This episode is boiling over with storytelling, combining the past and present in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

As it leads the second half of the season, we get this delightful blend of unraveling mysteries and deepening character arcs. It gives us some juicy answers, a few tantalizing new questions, and a surprise Godzilla moment that left us 'Zillafictionados (I think I just made up a word) squealing out of joy in its final moments.

Now, let's talk about the heart of the episode - the plot. We find ourselves in the Algerian Desert with Cate, Kentaro, and May, where they're smacked in the face with the shocking truth about May's past and betrayal. The emotional weight of this revelation hits like a sack of bricks, setting up an atmosphere of heartbreak. But then, emerging from the desert, Godzilla stomps around in true 'Zilla fashion.

This is where the episode goes from great to downright epic. The moment Godzilla locks eyes with Cate, recognizing her from G-Day, adds a bit of supernatural wonder that's just *chef's kiss*. The romantic subplot between Lee and Keiko in the flashbacks is pretty predictable, sure, but it's done with such sincerity that you can't help but get swept up in their story. The episode may drive some fans crazy as it starts slow, but with so much explained and revealed in this episode, the payoff is worth it.