All 10 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters ranked from worst to best

Each episode is unique and fun in its own way, each adding more and more to the lore and universe of the franchise. But which episode is the best one?
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
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5. "Parallels and Interiors" - episode 4

"Parallels and Interiors" is like the roller coaster ride you never knew you needed. Picking up from the previous episode's cliffhanger, it yeets us straight into a frosty tangle with the adorably terrifying Frost Vark.

The scenes with this Alaskan MUTO are pure edge-of-your-seat stuff with heart-stopping chases, narrow escapes, and special effects so cool, they keep you frozen to your seat. It's like the showrunners took action and suspense, mixed them in a blender, and served up a frosty monster smoothie that keeps you entertained. But just when you think it's all about monster mayhem, the episode pulls a sneaky on us. We dive into Kentaro’s backstory, and it's not just filler – it's the good stuff. We see him as a dreamer, an artist grappling with big expectations and even bigger fears.

The way the show balances his flashbacks and the frigid Alaska scenes is like watching a mind-bending art piece. It’s so well done, that you almost forgive the show for interrupting the monster action. And the icing on this monster cake? Kentaro's love story with May. It starts off in a non-typical way with a very typical first date. Their tiny baby romance, with subtle hints of May's mysterious past that point to the fact she may not be who she seems to be, adds a bit of intrigue and makes you root for them, even when you’re not sure if you really should. As it sits in the fifth spot, this episode starts to break the mold of the previous four episodes and starts to flesh out the show and where it's leading us to. It's a great episode, but not the best episode.