All 10 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters ranked from worst to best

Each episode is unique and fun in its own way, each adding more and more to the lore and universe of the franchise. But which episode is the best one?
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
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3. "Birthright" - episode 8

This episode is a perfect storm where all the puzzle pieces start clicking into place. Our beloved gang - Tim, Cate, May, and Kentaro find a map loaded with clues about radiation spikes that could lead them straight to Shaw in Kazakhstan. And yep, that's the same spot where poor Keiko met her end in the very first episode. Talk about full circle, right?

We see the discovery of Hollow Earth theory, and it follows a sweet and emotionally charged scene where Bill meets tiny Hiroshi and decides he wants to be a part of Keiko and Hiroshi's life. The episode hits us with a cliffhanger that's nothing short of epic. Our heroes find themselves in a classic standoff with Duvall and Shaw, bombs, and a portal to Hollow Earth - and then Lee, Cate, and May fall into said portal. Whoops.

And let's not forget Shaw's intense confrontation with the general about Godzilla. The acting? Incredible. All these elements make this episode a perfect setup for the finale, with a brilliant mix of humor, drama, and that jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

It's no wonder my twins and I were screaming at the TV! While it might not have the most monster action or much development in Cate and May's romance (which I'm totally rooting for), it sets up an explosive finale that's sure to be epic. "Birthright" isn't just good; it's a monstrously fantastic episode, and easily the third best of the show!