Batman: All 7 Catwoman suits ranked from worst to best

Catwoman has donned many catsuits on the screen but which of the Batman femme fatale's many adaptations produced the best look?

On the set of Batman Returns
On the set of Batman Returns / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages
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7. Birds of Prey

Worn by: Casey Elizabeth Easlick

Birds of Prey wasn't known for featuring Catwoman, but the 2002 TV series did focus on her and Batman's daughter Helena Kyle, who joined up with Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance to form the titular group of heroes. Selina, on the other hand, had vanished on the same night that Batman did, leaving all of Gotham to wonder where they had gone.

We see Catwoman in an ever-so-brief glimpse of the intro, with Casey Elizabeth Easlick playing the role. The suit is clearly modelled after Michelle Pfeiffer's catsuit from Batman Returns but it's a very cheap recreation of it. Sure, it was probably a lot easier to wear that the cinematic version but the cowl has no definition, so it ends up looking a bit like a cosplay.

The suit itself is just fine; but it doesn't seem durable or even practical.

6. The Catwoman movie suit

Worn by: Halle Berry

The most infamous of all the Catwoman suits because it appeared in one of the most infamous movies of all time, this one was featured in 2004's Catwoman film. The suit itself was one of the most divisive aspects because, even though Halle Berry looked amazing in it, it was completely impractical for a crime-fighter - especially one as fierce and feline-like as Patience Phillips' Catwoman.

I will take a moment to say that the cowl is absolutely perfect (which we really should talk about more), but it's hard to disagree with the impracticality argument on this one.

5. Selina's multiple suits in Gotham

Worn by: Camren Bicondova, Lili Simmons

Gotham was renowned for its reimagining of the Batman mythos, showcasing what the iconic DC characters were like in their younger years. That includes Selina Kyle, who was portrayed by Camren Bicondova. For the majority of its run, the character wore mostly regular street clothes that normally consisted of a badass jacket, but towards the end of its run, her attire became more cat-like.

Bicondova sported a shiny black outfit, consisting of a jacket and trousers. It was a more Catwoman-esque version of her original look that undoubtedly took its cues from the Batman Returns Catsuit (which felt appropriate given how Bicondova bore quite the resemblance to Michelle Pfeiffer).

When Lili Simmons played an adult version the character in the series finale, Selina had finally started donning catsuits. It was a more practical version of the Catwoman suit (sans cowl) that even had claws on the gloves. It felt like a nod to Bicondova's more subtle look while also paying tribute to the '60s variation of the character, and Catwoman herself. Like Gotham as a whole, it was simple but effective.