Batman: All 7 Catwoman suits ranked from worst to best

Catwoman has donned many catsuits on the screen but which of the Batman femme fatale's many adaptations produced the best look?

On the set of Batman Returns
On the set of Batman Returns / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages
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2. The Dark Knight Rises

Worn by: Anne Hathaway

When I first saw Anne Hathaway's Catwoman suit for The Dark Knight Rises, I was stunned. It was the first time that a modern adaptation of the character acknowledged the classic look from the '60s TV series. Somehow, a relic from the kooky world of the show found the perfect modern adaptation in Christopher Nolan's grounded and gritty Dark Knight Trilogy. And... it worked like a dream.

The beauty of Hathaway's version of the character is that she never called herself Catwoman; she was just a master cat burglar in a catsuit that was both stylish and practical. Her domino-mask also featured goggles that, when placed upon her head, gave off the appearance of cat ears (much like Newmar, Meriwether, and Kitt's cat ears from Batman '66). It was all very subtle, and that is something that Nolan's movies do to perfection, all while paying tribute to what came before.

For as beloved as these films are, Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman is actually quite underrated and we really should take some more time to acknowledge how awesome she - and her incredible suit - truly is. It was a modern spin on a classic that somehow worked in a completely different world. It was, in a word, genius.