All 9 RWBY volumes ranked from worst to best

All 9 volumes of RWBY have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which volume comes out on top as the best one so far?
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1. Volume 8

Volume 8 is the best volume of the series for several compelling reasons. This volume is a masterclass in storytelling and escalation, taking the already rich and complex world of Remnant to new heights. One of the most striking aspects of Volume 8 is its boldness when it comes to its plot and narrative.

The volume dives deep into the ongoing conflict between the forces of Salem and the defenders of Remnant, delivering a storyline that's both epic in scale and offers a deep exploration of character dynamics. The stakes have never been higher, and this is felt in every single episode. The tension is palpable, the drama intense, and the emotional damage hits harder than ever.

This volume skillfully balances action-packed sequences with truly profound moments, creating a seamless mix that keeps viewers thoroughly engaged. It's not just about the battles, though they're epic - it's about the characters fighting them, their fears, hopes, and the tough choices they have to make. This narrative richness makes Volume 8 not just entertaining, but deeply immersive.

Also, Volume 8 excels in character development, bringing out new facets of our favorite heroes and villains. Characters are tested like never before, facing internal and external challenges that push them to their limits. It also taught me how fast I can go from loving a character to putting them out on the curb for trash day. Looking at you, Ironwood.

This volume allows characters to shine in unexpected ways, showcasing their growth and adding layers to their personalities: the exploration of Ruby's leadership, Jaune's resilience, and Yang's determination add even more depth to their arcs. Even the villains, like Cinder and Salem, are given more screen time which provides us with insights into their motivations and makes them more than just one-dimensional villains. The volume also introduces new elements and twists that keep the story fresh and exciting.

The animation quality is top-notch, with visually stunning scenes that make Remnant more vivid and alive than ever. The soundtrack, always a highlight of RWBY, constantly complements the action and emotions perfectly, enhancing the overall watching experience. All these elements combine to make Volume 8 a standout, displaying the series' maturity and the creators' dedication to their craft. It's a volume that not only entertains but also resonates, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

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