All 9 RWBY volumes ranked from worst to best

All 9 volumes of RWBY have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which volume comes out on top as the best one so far?

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7. Volume 5

Volume 5 lands at number 7. This volume is like a complex puzzle where all the pieces are important, but they don't always fit together perfectly. On one hand, this volume is filled with some truly shining moments. It brings major character development, particularly for the members of Team RWBY and Team JNPR, who are reuniting after being scattered around.

There's a real sense of growth and maturity in characters like Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang as they confront their pasts and prepare for future challenges. The volume also dives deeper into the lore of Remnant, unraveling mysteries and revealing secrets that keep viewers engaged. Plus, the character interactions are a delight, with moments of humor and warmth that remind us why we love these characters so much.

However, Volume 5 also faces its share of criticism, which affects its ranking. One of the main issues is pacing. Some episodes feel like they're treading water, with long stretches of dialogue and setup that slow down the momentum built in previous volumes. While character development is a strong point, the action scenes – a specialty of RWBY – aren't as frequent or as exciting as in other volumes. This shift in focus sometimes leaves us missing the high-octane battles and dynamic animation that we've come to expect from the series.

Also, the volume's peak doesn't quite deliver the impact it aims for, leaving some plot lines feeling unresolved or rushed. These factors combined place Volume 5 in the seventh spot. It's an essential piece of the RWBY saga, crucial for character growth and story progression, but it lacks the consistent excitement and balance of storytelling and action found in the series' later volumes.