All 9 RWBY volumes ranked from worst to best

All 9 volumes of RWBY have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which volume comes out on top as the best one so far?

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4. Volume 9

Volume 9 holds a respectable fourth place in the ranking of the series' best volumes. This volume is a kaleidoscope of creativity, displaying the show's ability to constantly reinvent itself while staying true to its roots. One of the standout features of Volume 9 is its breathtaking visuals and beautifully designed locales.

The team at Rooster Teeth pushes the boundaries of their animation skills, creating a world that's not only stunningly beautiful but also richly detailed. It's literally like stepping into a Wonderland, a vivid dream, with landscapes and creatures that are both enchanting and pretty creepy. This volume also dives deeper into the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters, exploring themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of facing one's fears.

Each character is given a moment to shine, allowing for a more intimate connection between the characters and the audience. This emotional depth adds a new layer to the RWBY universe, making Volume 9 a compelling watch. This, in my opinion, is also one of the best arcs in the whole series.

Despite its strengths, Volume 9 doesn't quite reach the pinnacle of the series. While it excels in visuals and character development, it falls a bit short in terms of connecting everything that happens in Volume 8 and pacing. Some fans feel that the story in Volume 9, while very interesting and unique, doesn't progress as much as in other volumes, like a beautiful detour that doesn't move the main plot forward as significantly as one might hope.

Also, the pacing can feel uneven at times, with some episodes packed with action and others more slow and introspective. This contrast can be a little jarring and might leave some viewers longing for a more balanced approach. Despite these criticisms, Volume 9 remains a testament to RWBY's enduring charm and inventiveness. It's a volume that not only entertains but also invites viewers to ask themselves deeper questions about identity and purpose.

This combination of stunning animation, character growth, and thought-provoking storytelling is what places Volume 9 firmly in the fourth spot, a worthy position in a series known for its continuous evolution and rich storytelling.