All 9 RWBY volumes ranked from worst to best

All 9 volumes of RWBY have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which volume comes out on top as the best one so far?
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2. Volume 7

Volume 7 holds a prestigious second place and it's painfully easy to see why. This volume is one of the best when it comes to storytelling and plot twists, combining intense action, deep emotional beats, and crucial character development. Set in the technologically advanced city of Atlas, Volume 7 introduces a new environment that's both awe-inspiring and controlled by political intrigue. It's a setting that pushes our beloved characters to new heights, challenging their beliefs and forcing them to confront difficult moral dilemmas.

The introduction of the Ace Operatives, along with the deeper exploration of Atlas and its societal dynamics, adds fresh layers to the RWBY universe. This volume also does a phenomenal job of escalating the overall arc. The tension between the forces of good and the looming threat of Salem reaches a boiling point, making every episode feel important and impactful. The volume's peak, with its anxiety-inducing battles and emotional confrontations, is a testament to the series' ability to balance intense action with rich and meaningful storytelling.

Also, Penny comes back, completely rebuilt, in the very first episode and it made my day.

But what truly elevates Volume 7 to its revered status is how it handles character development. Our heroes, Team RWBY, undergo significant growth, facing personal challenges and making tough decisions that shape their paths. Ruby's leadership is tested like never before, Weiss confronts her family legacy, Blake and Yang's relationship evolves, and Jaune continues to grow as a strategist and fighter.

Each character's journey is given careful attention, making their developments feel earned and authentic. The volume also shines a spotlight on secondary characters, giving them moments to shine and adding depth to the overall narrative. The introduction of new characters like Robyn Hill and the Happy Huntresses adds a dynamic new element to the series, enriching the world of Remnant.

We also get to know General Ironwood a little more and we have a real glimpse at who he really is at heart. The emotional weight of the volume is heavy, with themes of trust, betrayal, and the cost of war spread throughout the episodes. This emotional depth, combined with the top-notch animation and a very entertaining and interesting storyline, makes Volume 7 a standout in the RWBY series, earning its place as the second-best volume.