Avengers Twilight: The cause of H-Day finally revealed

Captain America thought the "H" in H-Day stood for heroes in Avengers: Twilight. That mistake could cost him his victory against Red Skull.
AVENGERS: TWILIGHT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
AVENGERS: TWILIGHT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Avengers: Twilight, written by Chip Zdarsky, is among the greatest Marvel comic books of 2024. The best part is the progression of the series. Zdarsky created a story with an intriguing present while explaining the past; a feat that normally takes around a year at the very least. He's done it perfectly in less than five months.

As Avengers: Twilight continued more was revealed about the story. Tony Stark was trapped in a jar by his son James, Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel still saved people, and, with the help of Ultron and an unrevealed person, Red Skull killed Earth’s heroes on H-Day. Speaking of H-Day, the Avengers thought the "H" stood for heroes. It was the day they fell, so it made sense. However, issue No. 5 (of 6) revealed the truth.

The Avengers (Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Kamala Khan, and a new Hawkeye) attempt to stop Red Skull from destroying Washington D.C. and try to expose his deeds to the world. The combined might of the Avengers, however, isn’t enough. Red Skull has been planning this for decades. With the help of Tony Stark's son, Red Skull has become strong enough to take on Captain America and Thor at once.

As Iron Man fights James, he tells Captain America that a nuke is about to drop on Washington D.C. Cap sends Thor to intercept it. Meanwhile, Red Skull laughs at Steve because H-Day never stood heroes. Thor races to the sky to stop it but is surprised by what he sees. There wasn't a nuke falling from the sky. You see, the "H" in H-Day stands for "Hulk" and he was the thing falling from the sky.

Each of the Avengers had to overcome something. Hawkeye (Ramona, a former Marine who went by Bullseye) refused to kill innocent people. Kamala Khan became Ms. Marvel again despite it being dangerous. Iron Man is fighting his kid while Steve is battling Red Skull. All that’s left is Thor. It only makes sense that the Hulk would be his godly labor.

Everyone that Thor’s fought during Avengers: Twilight is below his power level. And, whenever you need a reminder of how powerful the God of Thunder is, you bring out the Hulk. He's the strongest there is. The next and final issue of Avengers: Twilight should have an Earth-shattering fight between the Titans. Hopefully, we'll find out how the Red Skull managed to control the Hulk.

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