Bam Smack Pow Comic book Awards: The best Marvel, DC, and more of 2023

What are the best comic books and moments of 2023? Here they are with awards to go with them.
Superman & Lois -- “Complications” -- Image Number: SML311a_0060r -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as
Superman & Lois -- “Complications” -- Image Number: SML311a_0060r -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as /
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Villain of the Year: Orchis

Orchis came in, killed mutants, and forced them to leave Earth. That was just the beginning. They framed Krakoans for the murder of human diplomats. All over the world, mutants were outlaws. If you didn’t leave Earth, your punishment was severe. Orchis effectively ruined an entire group of people in one issue.

Comic Book of the Year: Hellfire Gala

Writer: Gerry Duggan

There wasn’t a more shocking moment in comics than the Hellfire Gala. Being a horrifying moment will always be remembered, but there was more to this story. This comic book was the beginning of the end of the Krakoan Era.

Comic Book character of the Year: Storm

During X-Men Red, Storm kept the mutants of Arakko safe from Genesis and her forces. This was a fight she should have lost. Her team was outnumbered and way overpowered. Storm had the option to end the war, but it would mean compromising her morals. Shocking to no one, Storm said no. She stood tall and won her way.

Another great moment came during Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants No. 2. She survived for over a century and died defending people well beyond her years. It showed that Storm would fight and protect people until her last breath.

Surprise of the Year: Batman is getting worse

This writer assumed that Bruce Wayne’s luck would have improved by now. It’s been a couple of years and he’s still broke and Alfred hasn’t returned. Unfortunately for Batman, neither happened. In fact, things have gotten worse. 

Batman’s hand was cut off, he alienated his family (Gotham War), his actions were influenced by Zur-En-Arrh, his house is owned by a villain, and a henchman learned his secret identity. Things are only going to get worse in 2024.

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