Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?

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Batman, Batman Beyond
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3. Batman Beyond

Perhaps the most exciting overhaul that the Batsuit has ever seen, this black and red ensemble appeared in the 1999 animated series Batman Beyond, and it has joined its legendary original character in making the jump to the pages of DC Comics.

The suit was worn by the DCAU Batman during the final stint of his career (before health problems forced him to retire) but it's synonymous with his successor, Terry McGinnis. The Hamilton Hill High School student formed a bond with Bruce and, together, the pair agreed to protect Neo Gotham from a new generation of threats.

The biggest difference with the Batman Beyond Batsuit is that there is no cape. It's also not as colorful as its more traditional predecessor, opting for an all-black bodysuit with a more simple, red bat emblem on its chest. But the symbol isn't the only red addition to the suit, as it also houses large red bat wings that allow Terry to glide through the city (and rocket boots that enable thrust, propelling him into the sky and allowing him to literally fly). It's a more simple look, but a very effective one.

The suit also has some other pretty sweet upgrades, including a camouflage mode that essentially allows Terry to be invisible, and a secret supply of Batarangs in the sleeves.

It's no coincidence that Batman Beyond was also known as Batman of the Future in other parts of the world, because this was a very futuristic Batsuit for a very futuristic world. And its sleek design said so much by doing so little. Absolute perfection.