Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5]
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5] / Batman: The Animated Series
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2. The New Batman Adventures

When Batman: The Animated Series returned for another season of 24 episodes in 1997, the decision was made to give it a visual revamp so that it matched the style of Superman: The Animated Series. With that directive, lines became sharper, colors darker and designs simpler. It modernized things without losing the identity of the original show.

That much was clear in its Batsuit. The overall layout of the suit is essentially the same as the one Bruce wore in the previous series, but there were some modifications to match the revamp. For starters, the main body of the suit was a darker shade of grey, and the cowl, mask, gloves, and boots a duller shade of black. The utility belt was also far less vibrant, adopting a duller, brown color scheme. It was also a bit of an upgrade over its predecessor as it drew inspiration from the utility belt used in the 1966 Batman TV series, with more realistic buckles and compartments for storing gadgets in.

The most noticeable change was the Bat symbol. The yellow emblem had been dropped in favor of a larger, sharper bat spread across Batman's chest. It worked given the overall sharpness of The New Batman Adventures' designs but also felt like a natural upgrade that didn't change too much.

It's a more simple design but that doesn't make this Batsuit any less cool. In fact, in became even more enduring within the DCAU than its predecessor, even going on to inspire the Justice League look.