Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5]
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5] / Batman: The Animated Series
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1. Batman: The Animated Series

A new era for DC began with the debut of Batman: The Animated Series as it officially launched the DC Animated Universe. It was also the first animated Batman show in a long time and the first to adopt a more serious tone. For that, the Caped Crusader had to look the part.

The show drew inspiration from the Tim Burton movies and that came across in the overall presentation of it. For the Batsuit, however, it didn't stray too far from that classic, traditional design that the animated Batmen in the decades before wore. The all grey bodysuit returned, along with the yellow bat emblem and utility belt. However, the Super Friends blue was swapped out with The Dark Knight's signature black, which extended to the cape, cowl, gloves, boots and, well, the external underwear. It was a glossy black, too, meaning that there were shades of blue in there whenever the light landed on it.

It was a game-changer of a look, mixing the old with the new, the animated history with the modern movies, and the perfect blend of everything that made up who Batman was in the comics. The Caped Crusader was more terrifying than ever, capable of venturing into the shadows, leaving behind just his two bright eyes and a horrifying silhouette.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to argue against Batman: The Animated Series' Batsuit as our No. 1 pick, because it is, for many, still the definitive version of Batman. It was, without question, a game-changer.

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