Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5]
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5] / Batman: The Animated Series
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8. Beware The Batman

Short-lived animated series Beware The Batman was different from its predecessors because of its CGI-animation style. It also tried something completely new and yet something that seems so obvious that it's shocking all of the previous animated shows had never tried it before - making the Batsuit all black.

Oh all of the requirements you would expect from the Batsuit are there: The cape and cowl, the bat emblem, the utility belt, and even the white eyes. But it looks considerably different in all-black. It also looks really, really cool.

The vast majority of live-action Batsuits go for the all-black style but most animated outings tend to stick to the traditional black-and-grey color scheme. It's understandable as a totally black Batsuit might lack the definition needed for a typical animated series. Beware The Batman's unique animation style allowed it to pull this rare feat off while still resembling the traditional animated Batsuit. It also has its own unique look, with long bat ears, wider eyes, and a more pointed nose.

We don't talk about Beware The Batman enough; it was really cool for trying new things and never got the credit it deserved. It's Batsuit is one of the many cool things about it.