Batman: All 10 Robin suits ranked from worst to best

The Boy Wonder has had many looks over the course of his on-screen career, but which Robin had the best suit of them all?

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /
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Robin, Tim Drake, Titans
Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

1. Titans (Tim Drake suit)

Worn by: Jay Lycurgo

Titans produced some absolutely wonderful suits throughout its four-season run, but it might have just saved the best for last. When Tim Drake was introduced to the show, we all hoped that we'd get to see him don the Robin suit. But having already recycled the same suit for Jason Todd, the show chose to try something different when Tim took on the mantle - and, oh boy, are we glad they did.

It's a complete redesign but the most noticeable element is that it's a lot brighter than its predecessor. That feels appropriate given that Tim is a much more light-hearted Robin, and it's a nice moment for the show, which had spent four seasons overcoming darkness to find some light before it bowed out. It also takes its cues from Tim's suit in the comics, adopting a more heavily armored and combat-ready look. From the fingerless gloves to the elbow pads, Tim's suit is all about effectiveness in the field and it shows. There are even shoulder pads covering the shorter sleeves.

I think my favorite thing about Tim's suit is that it isn't afraid to be more comic-accurate. Titans might have distanced itself from the source material, but this suit is a love letter to the comics, allowing for slightly more gimmicky additions such as the Batman-esque gauntlets and the bird-shaped mask - something we haven't seen since the Joel Schumacher movies. The pièce de résistance, however, might just be the jagged cape, which looks so absolutely exquisite.

Jay Lycurgo looks fantastic in this suit, and it's a darn shame that we only got to see him wear it for a few episodes. But it was only fitting that we got the perfect Robin suit for the perfect Robin.

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