Batman: All 10 Robin suits ranked from worst to best

The Boy Wonder has had many looks over the course of his on-screen career, but which Robin had the best suit of them all?

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /
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Robin, Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights -- “City of Owls” -- Image Number: GTK112_0195r -- Pictured (L - R): Navia Robinson as Carrie Kelley -- Photo: Amanda Mazonkey/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

10. Gotham Knights

Worn by: Navia Robinson

Navia Robinson's performance as Carrie Kelley was undoubtedly one of the greatest aspects of Gotham Knights. While the show needed time to grow, she did not, instantly making Carrie the MVP of the series. It was the character's first ever live-action adaptation, and Robinson lived up to that potential.

One thing that didn't live up to the potential though was the suit - or lack thereof. Gotham Knights had a reputation for not having its heroes wear super suits (at least not yet), so all Carrie donned when out fighting crime as Robin was a brown leather jacket and pants. The crowning achievement, of course, are the green goggles, that provides her with technologically-advanced insights and a potential link back to the Batcave. A gift from Batman, they are a nod to Carrie's signature green glasses in the comics.

Given the type of show that Gotham Knights was, Carrie didn't need a bright red, yellow, and green uniform, so the more grounded approach works well here. Still though, we can't really rank it above the rest of the Robin suits on this list because it isn't really a suit at all. At least not without the goggles.