Batman: All 10 Robin suits ranked from worst to best

The Boy Wonder has had many looks over the course of his on-screen career, but which Robin had the best suit of them all?

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /
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On the set of Batman & Robin
On the set of Batman & Robin / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

7. Batman and Robin's Ice Armor suit

Worn by: Chris O'Donnell

In Batman and Robin a lot of things happened just because they could. That includes the Bat-Family stopping off at the Batcave to change into completely new suits even though they had to race against the clock to stop Mr. Freeze from icing Gotham City. The good news is that those suits were specially-designed ice armored Batsuits.

Robin's is very much inspired by the Nightwing-esque design of Batman and Robin's primary Robin suit, except all of the red accents have been replaced with silver ones to give it more of an icy (or should I say cool) effect. The domino mask is also silver, and the gauntlets look like hockey pads, which is no doubt intentional because this movie was one big self-aware joke (and we should all very much enjoy it for that).

It's not very traditionally Robin but nothing about the movie really was, so it's a totally believable suit for the outlandish world in which it exists. I actually really like the design and, with the exception of the infamous Bat-Nipples, it could still work in today's day and age as an Ice Armor suit for Nightwing.