Batman defeats his biggest threat thanks to [SPOILER'S] death

Batman and the Bat Family take on Zur-En-Arrh and win. It's a shame (SPOILER) had to die in the process. 
Batman: Failsafe | Comic Trailer | DC
Batman: Failsafe | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

Chip Zdarsky’s Batman started with Penguin faking his death and framing the Dark Knight (Batman No. 125). With Batman accused of murder, Bruce Wayne's contingency plan (the appropriately named robot Failsafe) was activated. Failsafe was built to withstand Bruce Wayne, the Bat Family, and the Justice League.

After defeating Failsafe (Batman No. 130), Bruce had to fight the personality he created Zur-En-Arrh. Bruce loses to Zur-En-Arrh after he transfers his consciousness into the empty Failsafe (Batman: Mindbomb). Zur-En-Arrh in Failsafe's body was too much for Bruce to face. Thankfully, Bruce Wayne is never alone. 

"You’re not the leader here. Not anymore. We’re a team. We’re family. Let us have control over our own decisions."

Now that Bruce’s mind was clear, he could ask the rest of his family for help. After apologizing, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd agreed to help him. Jason was even the one who convinced everyone that they should trust Bruce. Jason said if he’s forgiven him, they can too. Together, the Bat Family defeated Failsafe. Unfortunately, Jason had to die for that to happen.

Zur-En-Arrh bragged that Bruce’s weakness was his family and that it took Jason’s death to prove it. That’s when Failsafe was reactivated. Since Zur was inside the robot, it shut him down altogether. Bruce went into Failsafe and turned it off for good.

After Zur was defeated, Daniel Captio (Bruce’s former mentor) said a trigger phrase that knocked Batman to his knees. As Captio rants, Bruce, smiles (never a good sign). That’s when we see Jason Todd and the rest of the Bat Family. Nightwing delivers a devastating blow that knocks Daniel Captio out.

Jason was dead, but Bruce had a plan. Before their mission, Bruce set up for Jason to be injected with a type of Lazarus fluid. This allowed him to come back after death. He knew the only way to activate Failsafe was for Batman to kill. Bruce was going to do it, but Jason volunteered and Bruce (begrudgingly) agreed.

It’s unclear if Failsafe or Zur-En-Arrh are still around. During the Absolute Power 2024 FCBD Special Edition,  Amanda Waller is working with Failsafe. Some of the covers feature it as well. Zur-En-Arrh has all of Batman's thoughts so he must have a backup plan. And if Amanda Waller needs him, she’ll have one as well. However, The Failsafe robot could be an Amazo.

During the Absolute Power FCBD, Dreamer sees a future with Amanda Waller standing with Justice League versions of Amazo and Failsafe isn’t with them. However, that doesn’t mean Zur-En-Arrh or Failsafe aren't around. For all we know, Dreamer’s prediction may not happen or it could be wrong. Whether that future occurs or not is unclear, but Bam Smack Pow will have the answers.

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