Batman: All 7 Mad Hatter actors ranked from worst to best

He super, instant, and mesmerizing, but which version of Batman villain the Mad Hatter is the best of them all?
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7. Robin Atkin Downes

Appeared in: Batman: Bad Blood

Robin Atkin Downes is a veteran voice actor familiar with playing DC characters in the various animated movies, including Oliver Queen in The Dark Knight Returns and The Scarecrow in The Long Halloween. However, in Batman: Bad Blood, he took on the role of the Mad Hatter.

This version of the character was more of a ringleader; more sinister than unhinged. He was employed by the League of Assassins to take control of the minds of anyone who opposed them and he knew he was doing a good job of it.

Downes captured this self-assuredness of this Jervis Tetch well. The character liked to think he was sophisticated and that much was clear in the refined way he spoke, particularly when he was trying to brainwash those around him. He didn't have as big of a role as we would have liked, but Downes ensured that what we saw of him was memorable indeed.

6. John DiMaggio

Appeared in: Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Long Halloween is one of the most beloved comic book storylines that the Caped Crusader has ever been involved in and it finally received that long-awaited animated adaptation in 2021. Naturally, The Mad Hatter made an appearance in it, as he teamed with Scarecrow to try and take down Batman.

The character was voiced by John DiMaggio, who did a great job in the role. This iteration had a much deeper voice than you'd expect, with a touch of an English accent to it that made him sound a bit more like The Penguin from the Arkham video game series. However, it worked well, as hearing DiMaggio's voice narrating the Mad Hatter's musings against the eerie backdrop of the Gotham City Cemetery was quite the unnerving combo.

The only thing preventing us from putting him up higher on this list is that we just wish we had seen more of him throughout the film. DiMaggio's performance had so much potential and we hope to hear him voice Jervis Tetch in another Batman adaptation in the future.