10 best RWBY episodes, ranked from good to greatest

Nine volumes, 116 episodes, and a whole lot of beloved (and hated) characters. How can I possibly decide on just 10 episodes? Let's take a look at which ones made the cut.
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10. "Alone in the Woods" - Volume 6, episode 6

"Alone in the Woods" is one of those episodes that live rent-free in my head, and for good reason. It's like a mini horror movie packed into one episode, combining spooky vibes and character development. This episode takes Team RWBY and friends into a creepy, abandoned Brunswick Farms.

There, we get nothing but eerie silence and dust-covered rooms, kind of like walking into a ghost story. But it's not just the spooky setting that hooks you in - it's how each character reacts to the strange, sleep-inducing Grimm that lurks there. It's like watching your favorite heroes in a haunted house, trying to solve a mystery while fighting to stay awake. The suspense was real!

What really makes "Alone in the Woods" stand out is the way it dives deep into the characters' fears and vulnerabilities. You see sides of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang that you don't often get to see. They're not just fighting Grimm here - they're battling their own inner demons, which makes for some seriously compelling storytelling. The episode also scores big on the action front. The fight scenes are top-notch, blending the series' signature high-energy combat with a nice helping of horror-movie tension. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions and action, making this episode a standout episode in the RWBY universe.

TL;DR - It's like the perfect blend of creepy and cool, showing off why RWBY is such a unique and beloved series.