10 best RWBY episodes, ranked from good to greatest

Nine volumes, 116 episodes, and a whole lot of beloved (and hated) characters. How can I possibly decide on just 10 episodes? Let's take a look at which ones made the cut.

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5. "Seeing Red" - Volume 6, episode 12

I thought for a while about what I would say about this episode. I find it funny that many potential viewers brush this series aside based on the early looks of the first 3 volumes and on the fact we follow kids in their journeys to become Huntsmen and Huntresses. I knew from the start that the show had so much more to offer, but it wasn't until I watched this particular episode that I understood just how deeply RWBY connects with us.

By the end of this episode, my PTSD was triggered and I entered a glass case of emotions for the rest of the evening. I actually had to watch the first episode of volume 7 to get my mind on other things. Why was my PTSD triggered, you ask? Adam fucking Taurus.

Before we get to that, let's talk about the episode overall. This one honestly feels like a rollercoaster of emotions and action, filled with jaw-dropping moments that give us plenty of anxiety. The highlight of all the action is nothing more than the epic showdown between our heroes and the giant robot controlled by Caroline Cordovin. It's like watching a Pacific Rim-style anime. The animation is top-notch, making every punch, kick, and blast feel real and intense. And let's not forget the teamwork - this episode showcases the team's unity and strength like never before. Each character brings their A-game, combining their unique abilities to take down a seemingly unbeatable foe. It's like watching a super-cool, choreographed dance where everyone knows exactly when to leap in and save the day.

But, back to Adam.

The confrontation between Adam, Blake, and Yang is a powerful and intense moment that resonates with many of us, especially those who have experienced or witnessed abuse. Adam represents the haunting embodiment of an abuser, wielding control and fear as his main weapons. His manipulative and controlling behavior towards Blake, his former partner, is a chilling portrayal of how abusers operate, making us feel a deep sense of unease - which can potentially trigger emotions as it did to me.

Their fight isn’t just a physical battle - it's a symbolic struggle against the oppressive grip of abuse. When Blake and Yang stand together against Adam, it's more than a fight for survival – it’s a fight for freedom and healing. Yang, who has also suffered because of Adam, shows incredible bravery and resilience. The sweet moment when Blake and Yang work together and kill Adam is cathartic. It's not just about triumph in a physical sense, but the emotional victory of overcoming a past abuser. This scene struck such a chord with me and I'm sure it still does with many, highlighting the importance of standing up against abuse, the power of support and friendship in healing, and the strength it takes to break free from the chains of a toxic past.

TL;DR - this episode is one of those that can and will unearth deep emotional responses from some viewers, but it also shows that in fighting and defeating your fears, the healing is indeed magical.