Top 5 best suits in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (and the top 5 worst)

Don't know what suit to wear in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Then it's time to break down 5 of them you shouldn't miss (and 5 you should avoid at all costs).
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games /

Superhero videogames are famous for including multiple suits for their protagonists to wear. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 over-delivered on this promise by including a grand total of 78 costumes on its release and adding two more as post-launch DLC. Even when you factor in how the game has two main characters - each with different customization options - 80 skins is a lot. And that's not even considering how most of them have four different color variations.

Yes, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is the real deal.

However, that's not to say that every single costume is a delight for players to see. Yes, most of them have an amazing design and a great color palette, but others make us wonder: What was Insomniac thinking with this? So it's time to settle down all doubts and determine the five best looks the wall-crawler can sport in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and which should be avoided at all costs.

5. Best: King in Black Suit

While Knull didn't make an appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, his presence was felt all over the game, and there's no better example of that than Miles Morales' King in Black suit. The supervillain's distorted spider symbol steals the spotlight in this skin, and his signature spiral logo can be seen on Miles' forehead as well. Besides, the red and black color palette is fitting for both the god of symbiotes and New York's protector, proving this was a match made in heaven.

Better yet, the King in Black design succeeds at making Miles look really menacing without going over the top to deliver on this idea (unlike other costumes we'll break down later). It has a smooth mix of different materials that range from cloth in the chest area, solid spikes on the shoulders, and alien goo in the arms and legs. All of these different elements come together to create one of the best suits players can use in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 without a doubt.

4. Best: Superior Spider-Man

Inspired by its comic book counterpart, the Superior Spider-Man suit just looks too good in-game. It has many subtle details - such as a horizontal line pattern stamped across the black fabric - that give it a realistic appearance. The red segments add that touch of "classic Spider-Man" in the mix that fans instantly recognize. However, its dark sections make it stand out from most other Spidey costumes which usually feature blue as a secondary color. Besides, the always-present reflection in the lenses gives it a menacing appearance that's sure to scare the bad guys away.

Fittingly enough, players believe this suit hides a horrifying secret. If you look closely, you'll notice Superior Spider-Man is the only one who stares directly at the camera in the menu's suit selection. Could it be a simple coincidence or maybe a coding mistake? Or is it that Doctor Octopus is always watching the player's every action through the screen? Well, one thing's for sure: the mystery only makes us love this suit even more.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Miles Brooklyn Swing screenshot
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games /

3. Best: Miles Morales Upgraded Suit

When Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was released on November 12, 2020, it offered one of the best Spidey looks we'd seen in the form of Miles' Classic suit. While Insomniac could've easily used that same design again for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, they decided to go the extra mile and improve it even more.

There are slight changes between the Upgraded and the Classic suit. But even if they are really small, they end up making for the biggest of differences. The "pale" black used in the previous game was substituted for a stronger shade of the same color. The red also looks more saturated this time around and it covers a greater section around Miles' arms. The result is exactly what the name proclaims: an Upgraded Suit that respects the original comic design of Miles Morales' Spider-Man while also adding its own unique twist.

2. Best: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suit

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit is considered among the best to be sported by the wall-crawler on the big screen. So it's only fitting that it also steals the spotlight in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Insomniac has constantly updated this costume ever since the game's release with the only purpose of making it look better. All of that tweaking had the unfortunate side effect of letting a few visual bugs slip in, but it also ensured this iconic suit is the best it can be. And based on the result, we'll say it was worth it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume is as beautiful as "classic" Spidey suits get. The wide lenses make our friendly neighborhood hero truly seem like a "friendly" protector. Besides, both the red and blue colors strike the perfect tone - not too bright, but not too dark either. And since The Amazing Spider-Man 3 movie was never green-lit, it's always fun to imagine Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is under the hood when using this costume in-game. It's the closest we'll get to continuing his story in some capacity (in the near future, at least).

1. Best: Classic Black Suit

This costume proves why people often say the phrase "Nothing beats the classics". While Insomniac's custom design of the symbiote suit is beautiful, it can't compete against the original look that inspired it.

The Classic Black Suit is everything we could've hoped for. Simple yet outstanding. Familiar yet horrifying. This popular Spider-Man look substitutes the red and blue color palette in favor of a mix of black and white. Furthermore, the huge and distorted spider symbol serves to indicate something is definitely wrong with our friendly neighborhood hero. If the Superior Spider-Man suit is enough to make the bad guys run away in terror whenever they see it, then the Classic Black Suit would make them want to quit crime altogether.

We have to specially highlight one color variation from this specific suit which is the red and blue shading. If it looks slightly familiar is because it pays homage to Venom's look in 1994's Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Not only does it add a lot of nostalgia points, but it is genuinely beautiful to look at.

5. Worst: Life Story Suit.

Let's start by clarifying this costume doesn't really look bad. In fact, it does a lot of justice to its comic book counterpart. The biggest problem with it is how players obtain it. After all, if you want to swing across New York's skyline with the Life Story Suit equipped, you'd need to finish the game's main story and complete all Emily-May Foundation puzzles - both of which are no easy feat.

When Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was released, this costume was the only post-campaign unlockable players could get. As a result, obtaining it was the last thing many of us achieved before realizing there was nothing new we could do in-game. And when that "last reward" in one of the biggest games of the year is just an okay-ish suit instead of something exciting or memorable... you can't help but feel like maybe all the effort to earn it wasn't worth it.

4. Worst: Tactical Suit

Unlike most other suits in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the Tactical skin can't be obtained by simply playing. Instead, it is one of ten exclusive looks players can obtain if they purchase the deluxe edition of the game. And since it would be a little too greedy for Insomniac to lock existing and beloved Spider-Man costumes behind a paywall, they decided to create original designs for this scenario.

Each one of them has a bold design that could either be a hit or a miss. After all, there are only so many times you can re-invent the classic Spider-Man look and make it work. However, we have to say the Tactical suit is not one of the greatest looks Peter sports in the game. Perhaps the worst part is how busy the mask is. It has red fang-like decorations, some kind of spy visors (which don't go over the lenses), and a metallic border around the chin area. Unfortunately, all of these elements don't fall together seamlessly, resulting in one of the least pretty Spidey costumes in the game.

3. Worst: Agimat Suit

Much like the previous entry in this list, the Agimat suit is exclusive to the deluxe edition of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. However, this one somehow manages to be weirder. It has gold inlays all over it that appear to have no specific pattern. Additionally, there are strange alien-like symbols embedded on those inlays that have no apparent meaning. Is this suit supposed to mimic the style of a computer chip? Or is it in line with the "alien invasion" theme that the game tackles near the end of its campaign? I guess the worst part is that I really can't tell.

The cherry on top is how the suit wraps around each of Miles' toes. And if that isn't enough to make you stay away from it, then maybe the skinny-legged Spider symbol may convince you to. The Agimat suit is a bold experiment, but it unfortunately doesn't succeed in any way.

2. Worst: Biomechanical Suit

The idea behind the Biomechanical suit is pretty interesting. A mix of flesh and armor brought together to birth a nightmarish version of the wall-crawler. It's a cool concept, but one that does things a little too well in creating a monster.

This skin is the result of many elements pulled straight out of a horror story. Miles' bare muscles are visible through the cracks between the armor. The spider emblem in the chest produces a constant light of its own. Additionally, there are two big spider fangs in the mask that make you doubt if there's a human underneath them or not. It all comes together to give you a strange sense of uneasiness.

Perhaps that's what Insomniac set themselves to do with the design of this suit. But between playing like this weird creature and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all know and love, we'll choose the latter.

1. Worst: Miles Morales Evolved Suit

Insomniac's track record with "primary" original suits was pretty flawless until Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Peter's advanced suit in Marvel's Spider-Man 1 initially caught fans off-guard, but we all grew to love the white spider emblem. The Anti-Ock suit is beautiful (even if it is kind of useless), and Miles Morales' Classic look from Spider-Man: Miles Morales is beyond amazing. So it's really unfortunate that Insomniac dropped the ball with this Adidas advertisement disguised as an unlockable costume.

The whole thing feels overly designed without any real purpose behind it. Its bright palette of colors and big spider legs scream "Look at me, I'm cool!" while producing the opposite effect. As if that wasn't enough, the suit has no real motive behind its creation. That's a shame, especially considering how other main-line costumes in Insomniac's saga have a big narrative impact. But here Miles just designs a new look out of nowhere because "it was time for another Miles Morales original".

Yeah, this wasn't it in the slightest.