Blade’s Blood Hunt destiny was predicted in his solo comic book

Blood Hunt No. 1 showed Blade going from Vampire Hunter to Lord of the Vampires. Bryan Edward Hill's Blade may have hinted at this and we didn't even know it.
MARVEL’S BLOOD HUNT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
MARVEL’S BLOOD HUNT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Comics’ Blood Hunt No. 1 ended with Blade betraying everyone. The Daywalker used to be the scariest vampire hunter ever. Now he’s Lord of the Vampires. He’s blocked the sun’s rays worldwide, captured Wanda Maximoff and Thor, and made Miles Morales and T’Challa vampires. Most people who read Blood Hunt weren’t surprised. The way the first issue went made the ending clear before it was over. That doesn’t mean seeing it happen wasn’t shocking.

No one would have thought that vampires' most feared enemy would work with them or be their king. What he's done to the world is so disturbing that it's forced Dracula to work with the Avengers. However, if you read Blade by Bryan Edward Hill, you may have seen this coming.

It starts

Blade begins with Eric Brooks (Blade) accidentally unleashing an ancient evil named Adana. With the responsibility on his shoulders, he begins his journey to set things right. This leads to him getting Lucifer’s sword and trying to kill Adana, but falling into her trap. She wanted Eric to get Lucifer's sword so she could have it for herself. Adana used the sword to unleash ancient evil inside everyone worldwide.

Dr. Strange warned Blade that this was a mistake but he wouldn't listen. Strange said, “Lucifer, the Morningstar, was the Bastion of Pride. Now you have his sword. And pride goeth before the fall.” The pride of Lucifer combined with Blade's arrogance and determination leads to him doing something no one saw coming. He gets help from Dracula.

"You will have to be the evil you hate. And Embrace its power."


During their training, Dracula tells Blade that he’s never unlocked his true potential, adding: “If you think like a man, then you will have the limits of a man.” Eric listens and begins to move faster than ever. That’s not enough. Dracula has him drink some of his blood to gain access to even greater skills. Now Eric can turn into mist, wolves, and even a colony of bats.

There isn’t a happy ending to this series. Before she dies, Adana says that Blade’s done nothing. Before she can finish her thought, however, Blade kills her. The forces she unleashed are still running rampant around the world. More importantly, she unleashed an evil inside him. Everything he did to destroy Adana is likely why the Vampire Hunter became Lord of the Vampires.

Blade embraces the dark side

Throughout Blade’s journey, he was warned. Dr. Strange, Satana, and Dracula explained that there were consequences to power. Eric’s hubris and guilt stopped him from listening. Plus, the evil that he swore to destroy was now inside him. Adana knew that this would happen. Before the final battle, Adana asked, “How much of yourself have you corrupted to stand before me now?” She even mentioned drinking the blood of Dracula to get there. Blade didn’t have an answer. He just knew she had to die.

"I am not afraid of you! And I am not afraid of what I need to become to destroy you!"

Eric Brooks

Those aren’t the only hints that lead to Blade being behind Blood Hunt. At one point, Eric's friends Tulip and Rotha noticed he was becoming more aggressive. His eyes were turning red and he was angrier than before. He was losing control and embracing the darkness within him. At some point, it was going to overtake him. That seems to be where we’re at with Blood Hunt

Lastly, there is one more option. For all we know, Adana could be using Blade. She inhabited someone’s body in Blade No. 1. There’s a good chance she didn’t die at the end. Adana is a cosmic being. Even when they’re “killed” it isn’t a real death. The energy that leaves their physical form has to go somewhere. Eric could be more than a body of convenience. His connection to the second world could have been exactly what she needed.

Blade said he wasn't afraid of what he'd need to become to destroy her. Now it's time to see if he regrets those words. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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