Marvel Comics' Blood Hunt begins with the betrayal of a classic hero

Vampires overrun Marvel Comics and both the Avengers and Dr. Strange are betrayed. Is (spoiler) leading the undead or are they up to something? Let the Blood Hunt begin.
MARVEL’S BLOOD HUNT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
MARVEL’S BLOOD HUNT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Marvel’s newest crossover Blood Hunt begins with the sun being blocked worldwide. Any metahuman whose powers are tied to the Darkforce became conduits to black out the sun’s rays. This leaves vampires everywhere to roam free (except in Latveria thanks to Dr. Doom’s foresight).

Of course, the Avengers were on site. While protecting innocents, Blade tells them to return to the Impossible City and teleport him there to form a plan.

When Blade’s vehicle arrives, he’s not there. Instead, the Bloodcoven (five vampires named Megrim, Cruel, Unusual, Damascene, Smoke Eater, and Bloodstorm One) is in his place. Each of them has specific ways to defeat the Avengers and they do it with ease. 

Bloodstorm One focuses on Sam Wilson (Captain America). They want to turn Cap into a vampire to make him their symbol. Before that can happen, T’Challa has the Impossible City teleport the Avengers away. Unfortunately, Black Panther stays behind with a severely injured Thor leaving their fate to the Bloodcoven.

""You'll be our symbol then, and your species will weep." "

Bloodstorm One

On Earth, Doctor Stephen Strange and Clea are researching how to kill every vampire worldwide. That’s when Blade walks into the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange explains their plan and the Daywalker seems impressed. Blade asks Strange if he’s prepared to kill every Vampire on Earth considering some of them are their friends. The Sorcerer Supreme responds, “If I must cut away a limb to save a patient I will do it. I will accept my own damnation to save my patient, the world.”

Blade explains the vampires’ new master’s plan step by step. When Strange asks who set this in motion, Blade reveals that it’s him and stabs Dr. Strange in the back.

Marvel Comics Blood Hunt expectations

This wasn’t much of a surprise. It was obvious that Blade was behind this when he didn’t appear in the Impossible City. However, the visual of him stabbing Dr. Strange is a grim one and it certainly makes up for the reveal. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Blade is evil. He could be being mind-controlled or working towards killing every vampire on Earth. The latter may seem odd since people are dying, but Blade is all about results no matter how bloody. 

Another reason that this seems odd is that Blade asks Miles Morales to do something for him. Why would Blade do that since he could have snuck up on Miles? Miles' Spider-Sense would have gone off, but he may have ignored it after seeing who was behind him. They worked together too (Miles Morales: Spider-Man Nos. 10 and 11). There’s no way this isn’t leading to something, right? It wouldn't be shocking if Miles saved the day during Blood Hunt and Blade was the one who gave him the means.

Lastly, Thor and T’Challa are still with the Bloodcoven in Impossible City. Thor has a shard in his head and T’Challa is incapacitated. The Bloodcoven knows they can’t turn Thor or kill him. That means they have something else in store. Maybe the plan is to control him.

T’Challa will likely be turned. Marvel Comics hinted that someone would become a vampire and he’s the only one that makes sense. Black Panther has the willpower to fight off the mind-control that comes with being a vampire. Whether or not he stays a blood-sucker this way remains to be seen. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out his fate.

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