Bloodline: The Daughter of Blade joins the Avengers

Introducing Brielle Brooks aka Bloodline, the daughter of Blade, as she becomes a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes with less than two years of her first appearance.
Marvel Blade key art. Photo from Bethesda Softworks.
Marvel Blade key art. Photo from Bethesda Softworks. /

While the first Blade film reboot is still quite far away from the big screen, the titular character’s daughter, Bloodline, has been getting some action in the comics and most recently has been recruited by the Avengers.

The following details may contain major spoilers for the crossover event that picked up in May, called “Blood Hunt”, specifically No. 1 and minor spoilers for No. 2. You have been warned.

Who is Bloodline?

Bloodline, also known as Brielle “Bri” Brooks, is the daughter of Eric Brooks/Blade and Safron Caulder. She was born with no indication that she would be a Dhampir (Human/Vampire hybrids) in the case of Brielle she would become a Quarter vampire. Blade asked Doctor Strange to cast a spell to prevent anyone from sensing Brielle with the use of magic.

For a short while, Brielle lived a happy and quiet life until Blade had to do what he does best. He sent Brielle to move in with her mother in Atlanta to live a normal life with no memory or knowledge of her father.

During her adolescence, her vampire abilities began to manifest, concurring with the death of Doctor Strange caused the spell to wear off and thus Brielle to be unprotected. When Safron learned of this, she called Blade and he finally re-connected with his daughter after years apart. Brielle started training with Blade and joined him on missions.

Bloodline teams up with The Avengers

With the countdown fast approaching, Sundeath as the Darkforce Dimension unloads onto Earth to block out the Sun. In the lead-up to the limited series, Blood Hunt, when the Darkforce Dimension is expelled onto Earth, Daredevil took action by saving as many civilians from attacking vampires. In Blood Hunt/X-Men No.1, Bloodline slays some of the vampires until Dracula shows up to state to save the world.

Following the rise of the Vampire Nation and relocating to Impossible City, the Avengers are confronted by the Bloodcoven who are comprised of Bloodstorm One (a Hydra clone of Dracula), Megrim, Cruel, Unusual, Demascene, and Smoke Eater a mysterious and deadly faction of vampires with very unique and powerful abilities more than the conventional vampire. The Bloodcoven overwhelmed the Avengers while Black Panther sacrificed himself.

In Blood Hunt No. 2, Bloodline saved innocent bystanders from more vampires in New York City. Dracula intervened to back her, saying they do not have a lot of time. They are both joined by Tigra and Hunter’s Moon, who take out more vampires, followed by Spider-Man (Miles Morales). They head to visit Doctor Strange, who appears in astral form. Bloodline and Dracula were revealed to have been confronted by the Bloodcoven, who not long after show up but not before Captain America (Sam Wilson), Iron Man, Vision, and Captain Marvel appear for Round 2.

And thus, Bloodline has joined forces with the Avengers, although it will soon become apparent that she may eventually have to confront her dad, as Blade was discovered to be the mastermind behind the current events that have unfolded.

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