Cobra Commander begins with Megatron under his control

Skybound's Energon keeps rolling out the surprises in Cobra Commander No. 1 with Megatron captured by Cobra.

Official Trailer: Welcome to the Energon Universe – Wave 2
Official Trailer: Welcome to the Energon Universe – Wave 2 / Skybound

You're missing out if you haven’t gotten into Skybound’s Energon Universe. After starting with the surprise appearance of an Autobot in Void Rivals No. 1, the surprises kept coming. After Void Rivals, Transformers debuted the arrival of G.I. Joe’s Duke. Duke No. 1 unleashed a Duke going against the U.S. Government in search of the truth (they're hiding the existence of the Transformers).

Following the trend of surprises is Cobra Commander No. 1. This issue started the year perfectly with Megatron under Cobra Commander's control. Or so he thinks. After Cobra Commander leaves his supposed captive, Megatron smiles.

First, let’s talk about the arrival of Megatron. Starscream wouldn’t even allow the other Decepticons to say his name. Starscream knew that Megatron’s return would mean he’d go back to second in command. Or, if he had a hand in Megatron’s demise, he’d kill Starscream (the latter is more likely). Despite how he treats his subordinates, Megatron always has a plan. Starscream is currently winging it. His arrogance will only get him so. Eventually, the rest of the Decepticons will look for leadership elsewhere.

At the end of Transformers No. 4, Megatron appeared destroyed and attached to a mountain. That contradicts everything that’s seen in Cobra Commander No. 1. Since the universe seems to be bouncing around when things are happening, both options are possible. For all we know, Starscream made a deal with Cobra-La and gave up his former leader. That could be why he's on a mountain in one issue and Cobra's clutches in another. No matter the reasoning, the Skybounds Enegon Universe continues to be a must-read.

The next comic book in the Energon universe is Duke No. 2 (January 31). There’s no doubt that the trend of crucial moments will continue in that issue. What that will be remains to be seen. Maybe this is where Megatron makes his big debut or where Duke meets Optimus Prime. The latter would become an unforgettable moment.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if any of that happens.