Comic books: Grading alternate reality Marvel and DC characters

Not all alternate reality characters are created equal. Here are the best and worst alternate Earth heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel graded.

The Batman Who Laughs - Official Trailer
The Batman Who Laughs - Official Trailer / DC
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12. Harley Quinn (White Knight)

The Harley Quinn of this world did something her counterpart didn’t. She tried to cure Joker. For a while, it worked. Joker reverted to Jack Napier who didn’t have the Clown Prince’s mental issues. While cured, he helps Gotham become a safer city and shows Bruce Wayne that he could do more as Bruce Wayne than as Batman.

None of this is possible without Harley curing Joker. After he dies, Harley continues to work at making Gotham safe.

Grade: A

11. Mimic (Earth 12)

The Mimic of Earth 616 is a joke. He’s insecure, easily manipulated, and never accomplished anything. On Earth 12, he’s the world’s greatest hero.

Calvin Rankin led the X-Men, was an Avenger, and had a fantastic relationship with every hero on Earth. As a member of the Exiles, readers saw Mimic as a dangerous mutant who was a match for almost anyone and a capable leader. It’s a shame he died tragically. He deserved better.

Grade: A

10. Cosmic Ghost Rider

The story behind Cosmic Ghost Rider is cool. Frank Castle dies, goes to Hell, and becomes the Spirit of Vengeance. Later, he becomes the Herald of Galactus and keeps his Ghost Rider Powers. Eventually, he’s killed by Silver Surfer, sent to Valhalla, and returned to Earth by Odin.

As fun as the origin is, he’s the most overpowered comic book character ever. He could probably kill Superman. If he didn’t try to raise Thanos to not be a tyrant (it didn’t work), he’d get an F. He needs to have a big moment soon.

Grade: C