Comic books: Grading alternate reality Marvel and DC characters

Not all alternate reality characters are created equal. Here are the best and worst alternate Earth heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel graded.

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9. The Maker (Earth 1610)

The Maker has always seemed like an underachiever. No one with Reed Richards’ intelligence should fail the way he has. Thankfully, he finally lived up to his potential. He found a way to reshape the world in his image (Ultimate Invasion).

Like most villains, arrogance is Reed's downfall. Nevertheless, he still won. When Reed escapes his “prison” his next move could be to attack and change the multiverse. That’s a crossover event Marvel Comics fans deserve.

Grade: A

8. Damian Wayne: Injustice (Earth-49)

This writer started by saying characters wouldn’t be compared to their counterpart. While that may not be what’s about to happen, there should be a disclaimer. Injustice Damian Wayne was so bad the stench carried onto his Prime Earth counterpart.

At least Injustice Superman was a leader. Damian could barely think for himself. At no point was he his own person. Every decision he made was someone else's. It's disappointing when there's potential for a character. Even in this universe, he should've been more than just a lackey.

Grade: D

7. Aunt May (Earth-1610)

Grade: A+

The Aunt May of the Ultimate Universe is the best version. It doesn’t matter if it’s her from TV shows or the movies. None of them compare to her. She has all of her counterparts’ compassion, with more internal strength.

May Parker isn’t a weak person who lets things happen to her. She always fights back no matter who it's against. For example, her greatest achievement was moving Iceman into her house despite the laws against mutants. She knew Peter's friend needed help and stepped up.